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By Jeni Oyen

4 jobs, a house to maintain, and a step daughter to help raise made my energy level pretty much non existent.

I needed to get my workouts in and I needed to feel refreshed afterwards. I also knew that drinking all the pop I was drinking was not helping my weight loss goals.

So I looked into other options.

Will I have to sacrifice?

I wanted something that tasted good, would help my energy level and focus and wasn’t full of the bad caffeine. I purchased Amino Energy by Optimum Nutrition from my favorite Suppz warehouse store. Raspberry Lemonade and Watermelon were my favorites but honestly, all the flavors were good.

Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy helped me give up soda which helped me to lose some weight that I was gaining due to drinking my beloved soda all the time. I kept a jar at all my work places, at home and even in my car. However, after a few months I noticed that I needed more scoops to keep me going. So I stopped taking it for awhile and then started up again thinking that would help. Soon after I also noticed that sometimes I would get stomach aches when I drank it. So I started drinking less and less of it. And basically ended up only drinking it once in awhile to try and keep me away from drinking a soda.

But wait, what is this? NutraCharge?

Then Suppz started advertising a new product called CHARGED AMINO by NutraCharge. I was intrigued. So I bought a jar of the Blue Raz Lemonade. The flavor was amazing! I also found that a scoop and half went a long way. My 2nd jar was the CHARGED AMINO in the Candy Grape flavor and that is by far my favorite flavor of anything!

Instagram @jenioyen: #nutracharge #chargedamino … I never leave home without. Lovvvvve the new cherry limeade flavor #hersuppz #suppz@nutracharge @suppz_stores @hersuppz

I’ve been using NutraCharge CHARGED AMINO since it came to Suppz last fall and I have not had any of the stomach issues I had when I was drinking Amino Energy. I still am using 1.5-2 scoops and have yet to get any stomach issues I use to get with Amino Energy. NutraCharge Charged Amino helps me get through my long work days, multiple jobs plus enough energy to get my workouts in when I can.

If you are a soda drinker…

If you’re a soda drinker I highly suggest NutraCharge Charged Amino. Even if you aren’t someone who works out regularly it is still a great substitute for soda. My main job is an Officer Manager and I would find that I would mindlessly snack because I was sitting all the time. I wasn’t even hungry it just seemed to be habit. But, once I started drinking CHARGED AMINO it replaced my appetite for little snacks throughout the day. It kept me hydrated and totally helped with the food cravings!!! This product really is amazing!!!

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