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Jane Sandwood has a busy workload with her full-time job, two young daughters, and an extended family to care for. She doesn’t always have the time to get to the gym. Jane has found ways to workout at home.  She has been able to build those muscles again while working out from home and wants to share them with you.

Typically lifting weights is the best and most effective way to build muscle, but you can achieve amazing results without any kind of equipment or going to the gym.

The combination of the right diet and specific exercises from the comfort of your own home can produce unbelievable results within only a few short weeks.  You may ask, how can this possibly be?  Well, one of the secrets lies in using your own body weight to complete resistance exercises .  This type of exercise aids the creation of new muscle mass. In the fitness world, this type of exercise is referred to as bodyweight training.

Secret No.2 is the right nutrition and various supplements that aid the muscle building process. Today, one has the luxury of indulging in a plethora of various supplements such as protein bars, whey, soy, and even dairy based protein shakes that play an essential role in building muscle tissue. According to Fox News’ experts on bodybuilding, dairy products are imperative for muscle building to aid muscle contraction and help burn fat.


Exercises you can do at home to build muscle

  • Press-ups –  (or push-ups) To quote the renowned personal trainer Peter Parasiliti, “Press-ups pound your upper body (anterior deltoids and pecs) with the added benefit of stimulating both your rectus abdominis (abs) and your deeper core muscles (transverse abdominis and obliques).”

  • Squats – Squat variations are one of the most effective exercises to build the glutes, quads, and hamstrings. It is advised to start out with regular squats, and once you complete 25 consecutive reps, continue with one-legged squats.

  • Walking Plank – Walking planks are a perfect exercise that work the back, arms, shoulders and legs.  Planks are tough in general but adding movement by walking your hands back to your feet gives you extra cardio.


How do protein supplements aid muscle growth?

Even though foods like meat, eggs, and dairy contain a considerable amount of protein, protein supplements contain condensed amounts.  Supplementation far exceeds the protein content found in natural sources. The consumption of protein supplements is essential when building muscle, mainly due to the fact that the body needs an extra dose of amino acids, which are essentially the building blocks of one’s muscles and body.

Building muscle mass without going to the gym is a reality.  However, there is a stipulation linked to achieving your goal – consistency. So, make sure to complete your exercises on a daily basis, and follow a specific protein-rich diet that will ensure success.



Jane Sandwood is a professional freelance writer and content manager with over 10 years’ experience across many fields. Jane has a particular interest in issues relating to fitness and nutrition.







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