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Ryan Clark took a little break from a training session with his client Karen Voigts to learn more about one of her favorite products, Integrated Supplements Whey Isolate Protein!

We know you are a busy mom and wife but tell me more about Karen Voigts:

My husband Adam and I have three children; 7, 5, and 1. I work full time as a commodity broker and Adam is a farmer. We feed cattle and have a custom baling and wrapping business, I primarily help with the cattle aspect of it.
Last year I ran the Rugged Maniac and this year I will do the Tough Mudder in May, along with other fun races. I’m not into physique competitions but enjoy the challenges of races like the Rugged Maniac, Tough Mudder, and Spartan.

What are the top few things you look for with protein supplements?

I look at the label to make sure there are as few added ingredients as possible to the milk-based proteins. I make sure it is not a spiked protein. Then, I focus on taste and digestibility. I review the protein ratings before buying to help with making a decision on the taste.

What drew you to the Integrated Supplements Whey Isolate Protein?

After 6 years of not being in a gym, I wanted to start working out again to lose the baby weight. At the time I was nursing and wanted a clean protein for me and my baby. I tried some other products but found out I had digestive issues with them. So, while I was using up that container I went on the internet searching for other proteins. I found Integrated Supplements and it was the Number 1 rated protein for quality. When I looked up their website I saw the ingredients were clean (not a lot of additives) and the kids could use it too. I was sold.

Tell us how you fit this supplement into your daily life? Such as for breakfast, lunch, snack, and after a workout?

I used the Integrated Supplements protein exclusively while I was nursing. Adding it to my morning oatmeal or pancakes was a great way to get the added protein every mommy needs. I also drank this protein after working out in a simple smoothie recipe or as a snack mid-day. Because I am no longer nursing I have added another protein into my daily diet. Core Nutritionals Pro is a protein blend that is a great source for protein as well. I have found that the isolated protein that the Integrated Supplements offers is by far the cleanest and best option when I have trained really hard.

How likely are you to recommend this to other women and why?

Very! I think this is a great product for women who are looking for a clean protein, especially while nursing. Also, it’s great for the kiddos.

What is your overall review of this product?

If you are looking for a clean, non-organic, milk-based protein; this is a great protein to try for the whole family. Being that it is an “isolated protein” it goes to your muscles very quickly helping speed up recovery. Personally, I like the Chocolate and Strawberry the best, but there are several flavors including natural, chocolate mint, and vanilla.

Describe your daily fitness level and activities

I workout at the gym 3-4 times per week and run around after my children the rest of the time while working and cleaning the house. While training for races I will work out 4-5 times/week. Of course, I’m working with cattle and helping on the farm on a daily basis.

We know the label indicates serving sizes for children. What feedback do you have for parents looking to implement a protein supplement into their children’s diet?

Kids do not get enough protein, just like many adults don’t. So if we can fit some additional protein into their diets early on they will continue to have healthy bodies as they grow. I am not concerned with the safety regarding this product being consumed by children. Again, I used this product while nursing and my baby is healthy Everyday I put it in smoothies and pancakes for my kids and they don’t even know it! So far, I have not had them drink it by itself, but I should have them try the chocolate in a shaker cup to see if they like it. I’m sure they would.

Oh no!

We are a little embarrassed but not to worry! We have many other great isolate proteins like the above-mentioned Core Nutritionals Pro, NUTRABIO 100% WHEY PROTEIN ISOLATE, NUTRAKEY ISO OPTIMA, APS ISOMORPH 28, and so many more!

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