Why Cycling Is Perfect For Women’s Health And Fitness

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Over 60% of American adults don’t meet government physical activity guidelines. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention  25% of those being completely inactive. Furthermore, research shows that women are a lot more likely to be inactive than men. As a result. women are at a higher risk of various illnesses related to both weight gain and inactivity. Cycling is a perfect option for women to be more active. It not only helps to achieve weight loss, but it also comes with some other extra benefits, too.

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Reduced risk of obesity and osteoarthritis

When it comes to developing arthritis, women have a triple threat of risk factors. Biology, hormones, and genetic predisposition all go against them, according to Everyday Health. When obesity is added into the mix the risk increases even more. More American women than men are either overweight or obese, so it’s a very real risk. Cycling is a great aide in weight loss. A steady pace can burn around 300 calories an hour, depending on the person’s weight and speed. Cycling is also a non-load bearing form of activity. This means people who already have signs of arthritis or other aches and pains are more likely to participate in it, making it a highly accessible activity.

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Better mental health and overall wellbeing

Women are more likely to experience certain mental health disorders than men, such as depression, stress, and anxiety. However, both exercise and getting outdoors have been proven to reduce the severity of these symptoms. Therefore, getting on your bike and cycling outside is a good way to achieve both of these at once.

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Cycling can reduce anxiety, depression, and stress because adrenalin and endorphins are released that provide a natural high. This is only short-term, so cycling regularly will get the best outcome. Of course, it’s important to find a reliable bike for the terrain you’ll be riding on. The bike you use to get to work will be different than the one you use to scale a mountain. The last thing you want is a bike that gets a flat tire. No one needs that kind of stress. 

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Improved symptoms of female conditions

Regularly doing non-load bearing exercises, such as cycling, often helps to alleviate symptoms that women experience during menstrual periods. This has also been found to be true during pregnancy, post-childbirth, and menopause. Women may feel uncomfortable at first and not want to go for a cycle outside or at the gym where there are others, so using a stationary bike at home is an easy way around this. To get all the benefits of cycling, having an exercise bike at home also can be very convenient.

Cycling is good for anyone. Anything that increases physical activity will play a big part in reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Regardless of current age, health, and fitness level, biking is a great way to reach your health goals!

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Jane Sandwood is a professional freelance writer and content manager with over 10 years’ experience across many fields. Her interests are mostly related to fitness and nutrition. Click here for more articles by Jane Sandwood.

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