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There are just certain things that everyone needs to have a successful workout, but those things are different for everyone!  These are the items in the HerSUPPZ girls gym bags that would literally make us turn our cars right back around and head home if we ever forgot!

First and foremost my IPod. I can’t get through a workout without it! I need to escape and tune out the world to some Disturbed and Five Finger Death Punch. ~Tammy

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Water bottle filled with my favorite bcaa. I am liking OPTIMUM NUTRITION’S Amino Energy right now. ~Tammy

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Gloves and lifting straps. Some people don’t like gloves, but I have small hands and I feel I get a better grip with them. ~Tammy

I keep my training journal the old fashioned way: pen and notebook. I have done it this way since I started training. ~Tammy

Towel and anti-bacterial wipes: self explanatory. Lol! Sometimes you see things that warrant a handy wipe!!! ~Tammy

And for the car ride home my post workout shake! DYMATIZE ISO-100 Cake Batter flavor. Mmmmmmmmm ~Tammy

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My sports bra – as a woman with a larger chest, cardio is near impossible unless the ta-tas are contained. ~Heathyr

Headphones- my playlist is essential to staying focused during my training sessions. It also lets other gym goers that I’m in the zone. ~Heathyr

My workout for the day. Whether I get it from HerSUPPZ Pinterest our website or Google…I need a plan. ~Ang

My shaker cup filled with my bcaa. ~Ang

I love my BROOKS tennies! ~Mary

I need my music to get me fired up, whether doing cardio or lifting. When I am not listening to music during cardio a good dose of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix will help me forget how much cardio machines suck.  ~Jessica

I am one of those that wears gloves and also gloves with hooks. As strong as other parts of me are, my hands just are not that strong. ~Jessica

PRO SUPPZ Hyde (pre workout). self-explanatory. ~Jessica

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DYMATIZE BCAA’s is my new amino favorite.  I am also a big fan of OPTIMUM NUTRITION’S Amino Energy (of course) ~Jessica

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