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You’ve prepped for this day for some more than a half of a year. The last thing you want is to be on that stage and not be ready for the hundreds or even thousands of pairs of eyes on you! Here is a list of everything you need for your competition.

Posing suit(s):

If you have brightly colored suits you may want to consider more than one.  Also, some shows let you kick it up a notch for the night show depending on what you are competing in.  As a bodybuilder competitor, my suit was bright yellow and the tan gets on it easily. I have 5 of the same suit. (I really like yellow)

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Competition Shoes & other accessories:  

When it comes to shoes comfort, comfort, comfort! You will want a pair with lots of support, you won’t be in these all day, but if they are not comfortable it will feel like it! So when your Coach tells you to wear them for posing practices and even around the house before the Big Day, you should probably listen.  If they do not already have some sort of traction on the bottom be sure and pick up an adhesive strip for non-slip confidence.  It never hurts to bring some extra band-aids and something of that sort just in case you get a blister.  Check out the foot or shoe section of the store and grab what you think you may need.  It never hurts to be prepared.

As far as accessories, nothing looks better on stage than those bright, blingy essentials to go along with all that muscle.  Your muscles are the perfect accessory to the bling! If you are a bodybuilder competitor you won’t need to worry about shoes or very minimal accessories.

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DIVA Classic All Women’s Event

Competition Makeup:

Plus cotton swabs, baby oil, makeup remover wipes.  Sometimes, between judging and the night show it helps to feel refreshed to re-do your make-up.  Of course, if you have a professional do your makeup and hair you probably would not want to mess with it, and if they are good you won’t have too.

Hair products:

Hairspray, bobby pins, etc.  If you are in a jam and happen to forget anything most competitors will sympathize and gladly offer you theirs, but you don’t want to be that girl who has to keep asking to borrow things.

Kelly Buchholz and Hayley Norpel

Duct tape: (yes really lol) your suit bottom sometimes creeps into places you do not want it to go. Putting a strip on the inside of the front (even back) of your bottom prevents this.
Deodorant: if you decide to use it (I did not. All you can smell is tan that day) use clear spray, the rub-on kind has the potential to turn green when mixed with tanning lotions.

Baby wipes are great for wiping off tan from your competition suit.

Flip flops: or slippers, socks are ok but make sure they are very loose. You don’t want sock lines.

Loose sweats/shirts: bathrobes work also. You don’t want anything tight to wear off your tan.

Pam spray: light coat does beautiful things for that muscle.

Competition Tanning product: and someone to help backstage to put it on.

Bikini Bite: this is the best invention ever.

2 copies of music: if competing in Bodybuilding category.

Bands: most venues have weights available but they are limited.

Don’t forget your phone charger! Be sure to get to the venue early enough to get a spot by an outlet!

Umbrella: Your competition tanning nemesis is rain.

Safety pins: every smart girl carries them.

DIVA Classic All Women’s Event | Desiree Dian

Scope: you’re welcome *wink.

$$$: for polygraph, registration, video, etc.

Food/water: that your trainer allows you to bring, pre-weighed in ziplock bags for the day of the show. Don’t be afraid to bring that wheely cooler.  It helps to have someplace to sit while waiting for your turn to wow the judges.

Bring some Ziplock bags for your competition suit and dirty towels after the show.

Towels 2-3: venues do not like tanning lotions, creams, etc. it gets everywhere so remember to wipe it off the walls, floor, your hands, etc. Some venues are very well prepared and have a paper on the floor for you to stand on while you put your tan on.  Some shows are not allowing it all together now so respect that.  If you are a pasty-white-girl (like me) you may want to build-a-tan throughout the week so you have some sort of color for the day of the show.

Sheet, pillowcase, blanket for the hotel: hotels don’t like tanning products either
The tanning products you will more than likely use, usually come out of sheets, suits (soak them first, take no chances, those babies are expensive), towels, etc. Although, some products may not be depending on saturation and you do not want to get charged by the hotel. This sport is expensive enough.

And the winner is…

I often compare Competition Day to my wedding day.  You go through months and months of planning and preparing.  You obsess about macros and learn things about your body while watching it morph into this lean person you have probably never seen before.

You religiously count down the days until you finally hit that alter of nervous, excited bliss. You set a goal. You followed through. It is finally time.

Be ready, enjoy the journey and remember …have fun.

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