What to Do if Your Spouse Needs to Lose Weight

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Shew, talk about a sensitive area. You spouse is the most special person in your life. You mean well and are coming from a good place and certainly don’t want them to feel bad or humiliated in any way.

If he or she is overweight, it may be your responsibility to encourage them to get healthy. It just may be a matter of life or death.

So, how exactly do you approach it…

Change Your Kitchen

If you want to get your spouse in shape, you need to lessen the amount of temptation. Toss the junk and processed foods in your home. Not only does it tempt your partner but it also tempts you. This is a lose/lose situation for both of you!

Fill up your fridge with ready-to-eat fresh fruits like apple, grapes, pineapple chunks etc. Rid your cupboards of the “white” stuff such as white rice, white bread, etc. If the whole wheat isn’t your thing, you would be surprised at how quickly you grow out of the dislike for the taste/texture. Same with sweets and sugary desserts. The more sugar you have the more sugar your body craves. Cut it out for two days and you would be surprised at the less need for it.

Start with your grocery list and really stick to it so when your spouse (or even you!) needs a snack, you all won’t end up grabbing the “bad” stuff.

Get Sweaty Together

Go to the gym together. Go play tennis or play basketball. Change your scenery. Going for a walk during sunset could totally bring something new to your relationship goals. It will not only help them lose a few extra pounds but it would also be a great time for some great conversation.

Research has proven that new experiences have a similar effect on the brain as falling in love. Your relationship will grow as your partner’s body shrinks!

Learn to Cook

Search for easy recipes on line, they are literally everywhere on your social media! Check out recipes substituting protein powder for some of the white flour used in recipes. It is a great way to satisfy a sweet tooth and get some much needed protein. Most importantly, it’s necessary to use the best ingredients as well as knowing the correct portion sizes.

Stop eating out at restaurants or only eat out on special occasions like birthdays or anniversaries. Find out the menu items before you leave the house. Check out this article for great apps to help you decide on the healthiest options.

Baking with protein powder can be a little tricky. If you are looking for some tips  when cooking with protein powder click here...
Baking with protein powder can be a little tricky. If you are looking for some tips  when cooking with protein powder click here…

Always Be Positive… ALWAYS

If your spouse is trying to lose weight, they are probably feeling a little less than sexy already. Always make your spouse feel special and valued. Just a sweet and simple gesture like a spontaneous kiss or a sudden compliment of ‘you look great!’ can make their day. It will be an enormous psychological boost to your spouse and he/she will continue with the weight loss mission more enthusiastically.

Their are no small victories in losing weight. They are all noteworthy and deserve to be celebrated.

Go to the Bar With Your Spouse

Wait like a real bar? It might seem weird in the context of losing weight but stay with me here.

We all know that getting your cheers on for the night can add thousands of calories. However, if you like to go out the local establishment for the Big Game or to celebrate a friends birthday every once in awhile going together and suggesting a water between drinks or suggesting to try a lighter spirit like vodka could be helpful. No need to miss out on the fun entirely just make some adjustments to a night out with the bubbly.

“Drinking water to reduce alcohol craving? A randomized controlled study on the impact of ghrelin in mediating the effects of forced water intake in alcohol addiction. “

US National Library of MedicineNational Institutes of Health

Become Their Role Model

Undoubtedly, there are many other approaches to inspire your partner for losing weight. It can be anything from buying him/her fitness gadgets to becoming a role model for your darling. Self confidence is sexy and all these ideas along with the aforementioned ones will definitely bring you both huge success.

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