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There are so many new options in wearable fitness trackers, it can be hard to know where to start. Depending on your goals and your personal style, each tracker has something good to offer.

Here are a few of our faves:


Apple Watch

Best fitness tracker for: Going straight from the office to the gym

The Apple Watch is more than just a fitness tracker. It helps integrate everything on your phone in a convenient, easy glance. The Nike edition is awesome for super active ladies (or guys). But the best part is, you can swap out your band to match your vibe. Headed to the office? Strap on a trendy leather band. Going to a zumba-thon? Swap it out for a fun neon classic band.


If you’re looking for the total package of smartwatch and fitness tracker, the Apple Watch is it. You can track calories, macros, workouts, and all of your health data (and you can check email between sets if necessary). The app gives you all that awesome info in easy-to-read graphs. Plus, you can add your data from My Fitness Pal or other nutrition apps. It also sends you reminders to stand and breathe if you’ve been still too long.


FitBit Charge

Best fitness tracker for: Outdoor fitness lovers

This one has that classic FitBit design – a minimal display that simplifies everything and a variety of colors to express your individuality. FitBit isn’t trying to be the end-all be-all smart watch like the Apple Watch. FitBit has found its niche and staked its claim as leader in the fitness tracking world. We love how it tracks your cardio fitness level over time so you can see how you’re improving. The long battery life and durable design definitely makes this wearable better suited for adventures like camping, hiking and Spartan Races.


Misfit Ray

Best fitness tracker for: Fashion-forward fit chicks

This wearable is super stylish and sleek. What you lack in screen display, you make up for with style. It looks more like a trendy bracelet than a clunky watch. With light vibration alerts for calls, texts, movement reminders and alarms, this is definitely the most low-key tracker on our list. It has replaceable batteries, you don’t have to charge or take it off. The Misfit tracks all the basic info in the easy-to-use app so you don’t even have to think about it. Perfect for the modern, busy woman.


Polar A370

Best fitness tracker for: Athletes and competitors

Polar products give you options for awesome add-ons for the biggest fitness data guru. You can connect their electronic scale and bluetooth stride sensor to your wearable and master all of your info. Plus, you can get in-depth sleep analysis. Their designs look more like traditional sports watches if you love that look. This wearable is a great match for serious athletes and competitors to link and track all of your info to reach your goals.



Felicia is a fiery fit mom and elite nationally-qualified USAPL powerlifter from Nashville.  As a busy working mom, she balances the demands of work and parenting a toddler while perusing her fitness goals.

Felicia started strength training in 2012 and after having a baby in 2014, she’s lost over 15lbs and gotten over 200lbs stronger. Now she is a national level powerlifter in the 52kg weight class.

As a 4’10” 114lb woman, she wants to show that strong women come in all shapes and sizes. In her transformation from average gym goer to competitive athlete, she loves to share what she’s learned about strength training, nutrition and work-life balance with other women trying to be the best version of themselves.

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