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Her Suppz BoothStill a little exhausted from the weekend at the Arnold Classic in Columbus, Ohio. It was my first time going to this huge and fun show with over 170,000 people coming to the events. A few of our awesome HerSuppz.com girls and Suppz.com guys were there promoting our sites. We took a bunch of our cute new clothes to sell at our booth. So today, I am spending most of my time reordering and creating new clothing. We were definitely the most affordable workout clothing there. I also felt we were one of the most approachable booths there staffed with “real people”. I really enjoyed talking to customers about our new site for women. They are loving our concept & we hope you are too!
Jen Jewell and I

Coolest part of my weekend though…being able to meet with Jen Jewell. Jen is a Fitness Pro, Model, Cellucor Athlete & Personal Trainer. My husband and I got to eat lunch with her and our Cellucor reps. Jen was so genuine, inspiring, and down-to-earth…it was refreshing. We talked fitness, women, and about our past weight struggles. I am very excited to work with her on some future projects. Until then…you will find me in the gym drinking my C4 and crushing my workouts.

#findyourstrength after a few days away from the gym




I write blogs about my accomplishments, my failures, my doubts, my goals, and my inspiration. But, it’s really not about me. It’s about real life and the challenges we each face and continuing to find your strength along the way. I want to inspire people, but I also want them to see the real me. I am just a normal person trying to do the best I can with what I was given. This is my journey and you have yours.  Nobody is perfect…all the time. We all suck at things. -Mary Sheckler



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