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You know those days where you can’t think straight, much less survive a set of burpees?! Mentally, you are strung out, so nothing seems quite do-able. While you handle the non-negotiables of your schedule, you’ve got no extra energy to put toward the gym or meal prepping.

To boot, your cortisol levels are peaked from stress, leading to impulsive food choices.

So even though you vowed to become a beach goddess by summer, you’re still craving all things enemy to a poolside physique.

What’s worse – motivation to work out feels absolutely unattainable.

tired woman after sport

Sound painfully familiar? There’s a reason for this vicious cyclical pattern!


When your body is stressed out (often long before you realize that you are), the flow of blood (and therefore oxygen) to your brain decreases. In turn, the blood-brain barrier grows. This means essential nutrients vital to brain function have a hard time making it to their destination. Bad news, ladies.
Consequently, cognitive functions decline. Struggling for mental clarity leaves any shred of drive or focus in the dust. This makes exercise seemingly impossible and all the wrong food choices irresistible. Brain fog means little to no working out, which means worsened brain fog. Enter – weight gain. This can occur from the mere presence of excess cortisol or just poor eating.
And we all know that once you’ve noticed you’ve put on a few pounds, you will become EVEN MORE stressed out.

And the cycle continues.


Fantastic news: there’s hope! For breakthrough, your brain needs blood and oxygen back. Vinpocetine does just that.
What the heck is vinpocentine (vin-poze-a-teen) you ask?!
Derived from the periwinkle family, this nootropic supplement acts as a cerebral metabolizer, which enhances blood flow to the brain and reopens brain pathways, making room for neurotransmitters to do their job!

PHEW! Information overload, we know – but knowing the science is helpful to making smart changes! Let’s keep going!
As blood and oxygen are properly redistributed, brain activity increases, restoring mental energy. A spin class won’t sound like the devil anymore. In fact, you’ll start to crave workouts again, and they will feel rewarding because your mind will be cleared to respond with vigor in meeting your goals.

Bottomline? No more crying on the treadmill (or at the thought of one!)

Vinpocetine provides NATURAL energy to sustain you through training. As you work out, endorphins are released. Afterward, you not only feel stronger and more alert, but your sleep cycle and appetite are re-calibrated to a healthier state.
You’ll also REGAIN CONTROL of eating habits! So those instances of wanting to mow down all the BOGO gelato at the grocery store won’t creep up on you.

Well rested, well fed, and re-focused, you can be PROACTIVE instead of reactive in your health choices.


Where do you get such benefits? Nutrakey’s Tone Complex!

toneComplexStackTone Complex delivers an incredible cocktail of enhanced mood enhancing components, beginning with vinpocetine.

Taken on an empty stomach 30 minutes prior to breakfast, Tone Complex introduces natural energy and a stabilized metabolic rate that will set your body’s pace for the day.

Vinpocetine is as the key game-changing ingredient. It first enhances your mood and sense of well being, providing the stamina your already busy life requires to make any effective strides in your physique.


Unlike other slim-down products on the market, NutraKey’s Tone Complex includes a comprehensive digestive enzyme complex. This supports optimal digestion and nutrient absorption – which allows your smarter eating to be better absorbed in your gut. The complex is gentle and efficient while at work, without being harsh on sensitive stomachs.
That’s not all!


As every coffee (addict) lover knows, there’s a downside to your morning crutch. Keep calm! No one is asking that you ditch your morning must have – but it’s diuretic qualities are no secret. Caffeine strips your adrenals of other hormones in order to keep up with the energy swing.

Citrus Aurantium, aka bitter orange extract, is another impactful component found in Tone Complex. It provides the energy boost without the jitters or crash after a gym session fueled by pure caffeine.

It is a naturally occurring form of the metabolite synephrine, a simple hormone. Synephrine works with a single mechanism of action. In other words, it’s self sufficient….unlike the adrenal-assaulting caffeine found in typical coffee.

What you have now is invigoration without feeling shaky! Even better? Citrus Aurantium helps to curb your appetite and cravings. No more falling victim to the munchies in a listless stupor!


So picture this….after the vinpocetine and citrus aurantium do their jobs, your life might look a little different!  You’re out from under the haze of heavy-limbed mornings and the 2pm face plant in your cubical….or dozing off while sitting in line to pick up the kids from school.

Excellent! Now that you’re in a better frame of mind, you want the confidence in your body to boot! Time to see the fruit of your newfound energy and focus!

Here’s where the fat burners come in.

In addition to vinpocetine and citrus aurantium, Tone Complex is packed with other well known and wildly effective thermogenics such as garcinia cambogia, green coffee bean, and cayenne pepper.

Keep in mind – this is a team effort. In CONJUNCTION with smart eating and challenging exercise, fat burners are helpful fuel for melting off extra pounds via a total reform in your system (not standing alone, trying to do all the work!)
Fat burners can raise the core temperature of your body, burning calories even when you’re at rest! This efficiently uses present fat as energy.

Dollarphotoclub_71160823_smaller1000x665What’s better than feeling like you’ve left a portion of unwanted fat on the gym floor in exchange for fabulous muscle, and STILL have endurance for the rest of your day?! Other than maybe a calorie-free red wine…nadda!

Because of these key ingredients in Tone Complex, your circuits can now be more intense, you’ll slim more quickly and will see responsive muscle toning.


While Tone Complex is full of beneficial ingredients, vinpocetine is the game changer of the bunch. If you’re fighting a rut in your routine due to fatigue of mind, vinpocetine is an excellent supplement choice.

If you’re looking to knock out several health check boxes at once and are serious about healthy weight loss, Nutrakey’s Tone Complex has the added bonus of a comprehensive digestive enzyme complex. This ensures that your diet alterations take maximum effect – changing your body from the inside out. It also has citrus aurantium which gives you natural energy and fat burners that will aid you in your efforts to melt away unwanted fat.

With a refreshed brain, stress levels in check, carb snack attacks under wraps and a buzz free pick-me-up in your system, you will feel equipped to not only attend an impending pool party – but you may just dare to host one yourself!HerSUPPZ


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