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NOW Coconut Oil can be used for many, many things!

From better skin, hair and nails to better baking you are going to want a container for every room in your home!




-Gently removes eye make up

-Great skin moisturizer

-NOW Coconut Oil is also a natural SPF 4 sunscreen

-Use as a lip balm

-Soothes eczema and/or psoriasis

-Helps reduce the appearance of varicose veins

-Helps aid in sunburn after initial heat is gone

-Rub on cuticles to promote stronger nail growth
-Mix with salt to exfoliate your feet
-Mix with sugar to exfoliate your body

-Consumed daily it will improve sleep and speed weight loss

-Sick of frizzy hair? Rub a dime size amount in your hands and smooth on hair.
-Great hot oil treatment for your hair

-Tastes great in coffee

-Mix a tablespoon NOW Coconut Oil with a tablespoon of chia seeds for an all-day energy boost
-NOW Coconut Oil can be an immediate source of energy that won’t be stored as fat
-Recover from a cold or flu and soothe a sore throat by adding a tablespoon into your cup of hot tea


Photo courtesy @skinner_fit from Instagram

-Replace your vegetable oil in any recipe

-Rub on age spots to lighten
-Prevents stretch marks during pregnancy

-If you make your own soap or toothpaste add NOW Coconut Oil

-Massage on cradle cap on baby’s head. Leave on for a couple minutes and wipe with a warm cloth.
-Use as a diaper cream
-Sore nipples from nursing? Rub on them. It is good for your baby too!

-Combine NOW Coconut Oil with apple cider and it becomes a natural treatment for lice
See another recipe to remove lice below!

-Helps reduce the itch after a mosquito bite

-Remove hair dye from your hands and hair line
-Removes spray paint from hands

Another way to remove lice…
Mix a teaspoon of NOW Tea Tree Oil, 1 ounce of natural shampoo, and 3 tablespoons of NOW Coconut Oil. Apply the solution to the affected scalp and hair. Cover your hair with either a towel or plastic shower cap for 30 minutes. Comb your hair to remove the dead lice and rinse with warm water.

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