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It’s time to dive into the pit of grunting, sweating and good looking men because lifting weights, the heavy ones are what is going to get you the body that you really want. It will give you curves, weight loss and the defined muscle that you want.

Doing only cardio is not going to get you the results you have been looking for. What it will get you is a flat butt, no muscle definition, and a lot of wasted time and energy.

Lifting weights is what is going to get you the results that you want which is a tight and toned butt, muscle definition in your arms, abs and back and the best possible results for your time and energy.

The follow are the top 5 reasons why women should lift:


1. Weight Loss

One of the best things that happens when you  lift weight is that you lose weight.  The bigger muscle groups that you use when lifting the greater the fat loss will be.

You will be building long lean muscles that is essential for burning fat. The heavier you lift the quicker you will drop pounds.


2. Healthy Food Cravings

When you start going to the gym regularly you are less likely to crave bad foods.

Once you hydrate more and eat cleaner your palate changes. You will want more of the fuel your body needs for energy and for your workout and crave heavier sugary foods less.



3. Tight and Toned Butt

The more you lift heavy and add squats and lunges (remember the bigger the muscle group the more weight loss) the quicker that your butt will become tight and toned.

Restricting your workout to mostly cardio machines does not activate the glutes fully to create that round bottom that everyone wants.




4. Flat Stomach

This ties in with weight loss  because you are lifting and burning more fat.  The waist line is going to drop and the stomach is going to get lean and defined vs skinny fat and flabby.



5. More Energy

Once you start lifting your endorphins are released but what exactly do these little guys do? They give you energy!

Studies have shown that people who do strength training have more energy throughout the day than people who don’t exercise. They have less daily lows and have more energy to get through their day.

So buckle up and prepare to feel healthy and energized when you start hitting those weights!
Don’t be intimidated the next time you walk into the gm and show those guys who belongs in that weight pit! Happy training and remember to Train It Right!


Alicia Bell is a Toronto based, Kinesiologist, Strength Coach and Track and Field Coach who has devoted her life to helping people reach their goals in fitness and sport. She is a nationally recognized track and field coach who coached team Canada at the Maccabi games in Israel in July of 2013. She lead the team to 13 medals.

Alicia has over 10 years of practical and educational experience and is a published Fitness model for Zenzation with her pictures gracing their equipment and she leads their product DVD instruction. She is also currently featured in a nation wide New Balance Ad and Campaign.

Alicia is experienced at weight loss, strength training, toning and athletic conditioning, and has worked with clients such as Dwight Howard (NBA), Rashad McCants (Former NBA), Geoff Harris (Olympic 800m runner), Lil Jon (Rapper/Dj), Karla Moy aka HustleGrl, Hill Harper (actor, author) and even the mother of the Toronto rapper Drake.

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