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So I have this blog about fitness and healthy living, but I am not amazingly great or perfect in my everyday life. I am not constantly living this way. I tend to share my challenges and achievements with you, but this is a lifelong journey. I make bad eating decision and get off track often. I am not doing it right all the time. I try, but I suck sometimes…or actually a lot, lately. I am human. I love PB&J’s, pizza, wine and chocolate and sometimes skipping an AM workout to snuggle my kids.


I write this blog about my accomplishments, my failures, my doubts, my goals, and my inspiration. But, it’s really not about me. It’s about real life. It’s about the challenges we each face. It’s about continuing to find your strength along the way. I want to inspire people, but I also want them to see the real me. I am just a normal person trying to do the best I can with what I was given. This is my journey and you have yours.  Nobody is perfect…all the time. We all suck at things.



I really suck at eating clean, especially for a long period of time. I can be really good for three days and then dream of eating a PB&J. Then BOOM…eating dirty. The truth is I am really sick of chicken. I didn’t think this could happen but it has. And, when I am eating clean, I tend to eat the same thing ALL THE TIME. Oatmeal with protein or eggs for breakfast. Chicken, broccoli and rice for lunch and supper. It’s so predictable and blah.

Don’t try to be too perfect or you will lose yourself and your motivation. I can honestly say that eating so perfect last year during my 6-Pack at Thirty-6 challenge  has really messed with my motivation. I have also seen this happen often with many show (figure and bodybuilding) competitors.

So I suck at eating clean, but I do eat pretty healthy. I don’t drink pop or processed foods. I enjoy pizza and wine. I guess this means that I like to enjoy life and I have a good balance. I celebrate with food and my family once in a while. I am real and indulge but some of those indulges remind me of why I eat healthy. I suck but will keep eating as healthy as I can.



I am not fast. I don’t run enough to be considered a runner.  And why the hell did I sign up for another half marathon!?! 

But I do it! I run more and farther than I ever thought I could. Yeah, the 11 year old girl that ran a 12 minute mile in grade school and HATED running would never dream this would happen. But, I am currently (sort-of) training for another half marathon. Sometimes I don’t even want to lace up my shoes and run, but once I do, I am glad I did. I have found that running, no matter how fast or how far I go, is great for my mind & body. I suck but I will keep running.



I really suck at this as you have may have noticed. It doesn’t come easy for me. I really don’t find myself that interesting. I don’t do anything that great and I have a hard time putting myself out there. Honestly, it’s always at the bottom of my To-Do list. I blog about health and fitness in my life in hopes that I can inspire someone and to keep myself in check.

But, I had someone tell me recently that they missed my blog and hoped I was still writing. They needed some motivation, and quite frankly…I do to! So if someone is reading and getting inspired, then I will keep putting myself out there. I suck at this but I will keep blogging.




I have back issues from attempting to play college basketball. I also have shoulder problems that won’t heal. I limit myself because I don’t want to hurt more. I don’t push myself as much as I should.  I don’t lift as heavy as I could.

I suck at lifting heavy, BUT I lift as heavy as I can three times a week. Lifting can change your body in ways that cardio alone doesn’t. At 36 years old, it has changed my shape and my mind. I am more confident and my body is more defined. I can’t imagine what my body would look like without lifting. I suck but I will continue to lift.



I suck at remembering and being prepared in this busy life. Every morning I make sure my kids have their vitamins. I make my Amino Energy or coffee and then I forget to take my vitamins & fish oil. As I am rushing the kids to school and trying to make it to work, I forget to grab my favorite protein bars to get me through the day. When I travel to our other gyms, I often forget to pack my protein to take after my workouts. We sell all this at HerSUPPZ along with the FitMark Bags to keep you prepared, but I forget to take them myself.


I suck at being organized, yeah I am kind of a mess. But, when I am on my game and prepared, they are part of my everyday.  I feel so much better when I am properly taking care of my nutrition and take enough healthy food with me during my long days in different directions. I suck but I am going to use my new Suppz Shaker and put protein in the bottom right now. 


Getting my picture taken…I hate this! I would love to show more exercises but I truly don’t like me on camera.  I have a lot of fun exercises I love to try in my classes or occasionally will put on Instagram, but I need to work on my camera skills. That, and my confidence.

I suck at this but I want to share new ideas. I love adding new moves to my workouts and would love feedback on them. I will try to suck it up and put myself out there more.



While writing this blog, my son asked what I was writing about. I told him and he was like Mom, ‘why would you say that you suck at things? Cause you don’t.’

So, I asked my kids what they thought I sucked at & here are their responses…

You suck at nothing.” – Addie (5) 

You suck at eating candy…cause you don’t actually eat candy (well one time you ate a Twix, remember?).” – Jackson (7)

You suck at fishing or something.” – Ethan (10) 

Little people are the biggest confidence boosters sometimes! And remind us that we don’t suck as much as we think!



Things I don’t suck at…working out/moving constantly. Drinking lots of water and eating healthy.  Have a healthy balance and enjoy life. The key is not to be too strict or limited that it’s hard to maintain that type of lifestyle. That’s when you can really start to suck. 

Be you. Make mistakes. Suck at things. 

Sometimes those things will remind you of why you keep trying or will push you to make a change to be better. Keep trying to find your strength in your journey. 



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