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One of the most asked questions is, “ How do I get abs?”
The answer is probably far from what you think.

We all have abs.

Some of us just never see them because they are hidden under a layer of fat.

Body fat levels are DIET.


All the ab training in world won’t give you ab definition unless you lose body fat through a change in your diet.


What’s the best way to train abs?

Let’s start with what not to do…

Absolutely no weighted side bends or weighted oblique training. EVER. This actually builds a wider and thicker waist. I have also seen it cause hip problems in many people.

If you are doing compound lifts such as squats and dead lifts, you are getting all the oblique training you need.

So what do you do…

You actually get a great core work weight training. Standing and moving weight holds the core tight and while keeping core muscles activated.

If you want to train abs a couple times a week, focus on strict form with no weight.

Move slow and controlled and pause at the top of the movement for a contraction.

Doing abs correctly, getting your mind in the muscle, should typically only allow you to do 10-20 solid reps. If you can keep going, slow down! Focus and squeeze.