The Better Bicep Curl

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The Better Bicep CurlUsing a barbell will keep your grip and extension in good form. Of course, you may use dumbbells, but regardless of which you use, form is key and without good form you are just wasting your time.

The key is control. If you are starting to push the weight up with your hips you are not working your bicep as much as you could be and you need to lower your weight. Don’t be discouraged if you think you can not lift a lot of weight your muscles don’t care how much you can lift. They just want to grow.

  • keep your elbows pointing to the floor while keeping them to the side or slightly in front
  • keep your wrists straight meaning do not let the barbell fall into your fingers
  • bending your elbows in a 90 degree angle in front of you
  • Straighten your arm lowering the barbell being careful not to hyper extend your elbow
  • The Better Bicep CurlAs you lift go slightly higher than the angle (think 90-110 degrees) you started from. Making sure you are squeezing that bicep.
  • Once you move past that 90-110 degree angle, unless you are doing some sort of an incline you are no longer working  your bicep as much to lift that weight.

I’ve heard of people working the “upper bicep” or “lower bicep” …it is your bicep and your goal is to build the belly of that bicep. Working “lower” or “upper” isn’t going to get you bigger biceps. Pushing heavy weight and going to failure is going to give you bigger biceps.