The Best Top 10 Tips for Reaching Your Fitness Goals

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The Best Top 10 Tips for Reaching your Fitness Goals are here and not as hard as you may think! Do them all at once or take baby steps and do one or two at a time.  These are YOUR goals and YOUR in charge! Don’t worry about the whole year…start with today and they won’t seem overwhelming.

1. You can’t out train a poor diet.

2. Have a plan. Don’t walk into the gym without one. Write up a routine or find programs on line to follow if hiring a coach isn’t in your budget.

3. Get your zzzz’s. Your body produces growth hormones when you sleep Your body recoups and grows when at rest.

4.  Drink your water.

5. Use an on-line food tracker or the pen-to-paper to keep your diet in check. For a list of web sites to make tracking easier check out Nutrition On the Go!

6. Do a HIIT. Short and sweet …or short and painful!  Studies show your calorie burning is enhanced long after your cardio is done.

7.  Make sure you get your omega 3 fats.

8.  Enjoy a cheat meal every week or two to keep your sanity and to regulate leptin levels.

9. Ditch the booze. It raises estrogen, lowers testosterone and slows your metabolism.

10.  Choose high quality supplements!  You will find them all on!