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It’s time for turkey, time for stuffing, time for drinking and time for pumpkin pie which means it’s time to put on your Thanksgiving pants!


Thanksgiving pants, as Joey called the maternity pants he wore to Thanksgiving in a Friends episode.


Let’s not kid ourselves, we all have a pair of fat pants.  You know, just in case for special occasions…like Thanksgiving. The one time of the year we all overeat…



How to avoid wearing your fat pants this Thanksgiving:

EXERCISE – Hit the gym or go for a run before your Thanksgiving meal. You will get your metabolism kickstarted for the big day and feel more confident in yourself. You will think twice about your food choices. It will be more difficult to eat a huge meal after a good workout.

WATER – Drink plenty of water before and during your meal. It will help you feel fuller faster, and if you are drinking alcohol, keep yourself hydrated by alternating water with your alcoholic drinks.

CHOSE WISELY – Serve yourself and watch your portions. Fill up your plate with veggies and turkey, leaving less room for the “other stuff”. If you really want to try some of that “stuff” only allow yourself a couple bites. If you can’t resist indulging in pumpkin flavored sweets, don’t feel bad about it. Just limit your size because its highly likely you will eat the whole portion you put on your plate!

PACE YOURSELF – Eat S L O W L Y and realize when you are full. Enjoy your company and wait a few minutes before you get seconds. You may actually realize you are already full.

LEFTOVERS – Keep the unhealthy food out of your fridge. You may have made it through the Thanksgiving meal without overindulging on this food, but if its easily accessible in your fridge (and you don’t want it to go to waste) it’s more difficult to avoid. Now if it’s turkey, that’s a different story…definitely take those lean leftovers home with you!

CLOTHING – Seriously, leave your fat pants at home! Actually, do the opposite and wear something tighter. It will be a constant reminder of fullness. A pair of maternity pants could allow enough room for a little “food baby” to grow before you even realize it!

You can choose to get your fat pants ready and overindulge…or avoid them by wearing your regular pants. The choice is always yours.

Every Thanksgiving, we go around the table and say what we are thankful for. Of course I am thankful for my family and friends and employees. I am also very thankful for my health and all the blessings in my life. But this year, I am going to add one. I am thankful for my fat pants because they remind me how far I have come in my fitness journey.




I write blogs about my accomplishments, my failures, my doubts, my goals, and my inspiration. But, it’s really not about me. It’s about real life and the challenges we each face and continuing to find your strength along the way. I want to inspire people, but I also want them to see the real me. I am just a normal person trying to do the best I can with what I was given. This is my journey and you have yours.  Nobody is perfect…all the time. We all suck at things. -Mary Sheckler



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