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You have an awesome site…

“You have an awesome site! I love my ignite, the shipment arrived quickly as well!  Great experience!  I’ll definitely buy it again!”
– Kayla Farre


Hands down the cheapest…

“Thank you for reaching out to me. I will definitely order again from Her Suppz. I had never heard of it before until I researched other sites that sell Fit Miss. Hands down you are the cheapest. I greatly appreciate the fantastic prices, speedy delivery and excellent product options. I am a satisfied customer and will support Her Suppz again in the future.

– Nicole Stang

“I love your website!!! Always fast and reliable service!! I ordered Fitmiss Ignite when it was buy one get one and you had it shipped out the same day! Now that is service!!!”
– Erin

“I loved the Sin O Bun!”
– Claudia


I received my order in two business days…

“I recently ordered from HerSuppz for the first time.  …made my order small since I had never purchased anything from this company, and was unsure if it was a legitimate business. I’m very glad I found this company. I received my order in two business days, and I am very happy with my product. I purchased from the Fitmiss line, which is almost impossible to find anywhere but online. Will be only be ordering from HerSuppz from now on. Its fast, accurate, and very helpful if you have any questions.”
– Sarah

“I just wanted to let you know I was very pleased with ordering through hersuppz! I will definitely be ordering again!”
– Tori

“Everything was great! The website, customer service and of course the products! I will definitely use your site again in the future. Thank you!”
– Josie Wells

More testimonials…

Thank you for providing excellent customer service…

“I am very satisfied with hersuppz.com for the easy maneuverability on your site and for the great deals hersuppz.com provides. I recommend you to all my clients as well as family and friends. Thank you for doing such a great job and providing excellent customer service! I look forward to my next order with you.” Yours in health, – Christine Keefer, Owner & Trainer of Kee Fitness

“I liked the price and the fact that you had the product I wanted in stock. Plus you guys got it to me in 2 days. That’s pretty fast. Thanks again, I will be ordering again soon.”
– Holly Camping

“I am loving your website!! The discounts you offer are amazing! The best part is you carry the products I and my husband use! It’s a one-stop-shop for me now! I just completed my second purchase. Looking forward to many more! I will soon be trying out your recipes!”
– Irma Bernal


I am addicted to your website…

“I am addicted to hersuppz!! The clothes, the products, and customer service are second to none. A great website for women. Helpful and not intimidating. Plus the blogs and inspirational stories are amazing.”
– Sarah

“My recent experience with the new suppz website was fantastic. I ordered several boxes of quest bars and while placing my order, I had a question about a coupon code so I emailed customer service. I received a response back right away. My order was shipped out the same day and I receive it in 4 days. I am already enjoying these yummy tasting bars and will be back for more when I need to reorder!I love the new website and products.Keep up the great work!”
– Lisa A, San Diego

“I’m so glad I found hersuppz.com because it is a great deal on all the products I need. Not to mention, the shipping was extremely fast so I didn’t have to wait long for my protein. Hersuppz.com has been great for all my workout needs.”
– Devyn

“Thank you for the amazing company!!”
– Emily D.

“I love the hersuppz website. It’s easy to maneuver. And I love when sale items are posted on Facebook and Instagram.”
– Susan Hilger

We love these testimonials!!

“Your website is great…

“Your website is great… I have ordered a few times and always great deals and shipping are amazing. Very fast and get supplements in days!”
– Khristy

“I absolutely have fallen in love with her suppz.com! There is a wide variety of brand name products for unbeatable prices. I am also very impressed with how fast I received my order. I definitely will continue to use the site not only for the great products, and fast delivery, but because I feel hersuppz really cares about women’s health and well-being! Thank You”
– Kat

“I love your site and the message it sends. I like how you encourage women to begin a healthier lifestyle instead of the usual fat-shaming I see on other supplement sites. Thank you.”
– Nailah


We have the best customers and followers!

“I really love the FitMiss products so far! It has helped me recover from my workouts a lot faster.  I am also really happy with the site.  I work crazy hours, so it’s hard for me to make it to the gym during normal hours. Being able to order online is convenient, and being able to support a local business means a lot to me.  It’s nice to have the luxury of the two!  Very pleased with the FitMiss product so far, and my overall experience with HerSuppz.  I can’t wait to try more Fit Miss products and spend some more time at HerSuppz.com!”
– Katie Lorenz

“I absolutely love how easy it was to order and find the supplements. Shipping was extremely fast. Thank you very much!!”
– Shakilah White

“I am on my way to my first competition.  I was 245 pounds and now i feel great as I  get closer to my goals. You all inspire and help women and that is awesome!!!! Keep it up!”
– Sireana Ridlespurge

“Fantastic customer service!”
– Stephanie

“…the customer service is great…”

“I recently ordered the Fitmiss Delight, Ignite, and Burn. The Delight is very smooth and has great flavor. It is not gritty and dull like some other protein shakes can be. I love that it is formulated for women to keep you fuller longer, I also love Ignite. It gives you just the right amount of that boost of energy to push through that workout to the end. I have also used Burn and just ordered the Tone yesterday. Along with my daily workout and diet, I can not wait to see results using these products. It is great that there is a line for women showing us that change can happen and you can achieve your goals. I also want to say the customer service is great at hersuppz as well as the entire Suppz industry. Not only are they knowledgeable about their products but they help find products based on each individual person. They are fast at shipping as well. I ordered the Tone and it shipped within a couple of hours. It should be here today! Thank you Hersuppz!”
– Hannah Larkin


“This site is going to be super beneficial…”

“This site is going to be super beneficial for female athletes looking to reach that next goal, whether its muscle building, weight loss, or just knowledge!!! EXCITED!!!”
– Bobby Vale β€” 5 stars

“Great supplements, awesome clothing, amazing motivation, and wonderful owners who truly just want to inspire you to be your best!”
– Ashley Dissmore β€” 5 stars

“I think this is great and long overdue in the industry! I love that Suppz is leading the charge in this!!!”
– James Edward

Testimonial from Andrea…

“Fitness and competing are a huge part of my life. I was introduced to Suppz quite a while ago. The poor coaching that I received made me very leery of taking any kind of supplement. After hearing many great reviews from Todd and Jessica Allion and Adam McLimans, I decided to give their company a try. Jessica was able to answer my questions and knew what would work best for me. I ordered my pre-workout on a Wednesday and received it on Friday… FAST!! I tried Hyde this morning and I got the best workout I have had in months! The energy level was through the roof and I was able to put up more weight than I expected. Her Suppz customer service is excellent and very knowledgeable. I will be a returning customer!”
– Andrea Jones

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