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Top 10 Tips for Reaching Your Fitness Goals

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The top tips to reach your fitness goals are here and not as hard as you may think! Do them all at once or take baby steps and do one or two at a time.  These are YOUR goals and YOUR in charge! Don’t worry about the whole year…start with today and they won’t seem overwhelming. 1. You can’t out …


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As a coach and a long time competitor, one of the biggest struggles I hear is dealing with off season. So many people feel as though there is no goal in sight, so they get lazy and sloppy with their diet. If you choose the bodybuilding lifestyle, there really isn’t an off season. It’s just a different phase in your prep. To find out how to make off season easier…


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Women sometimes have the perception that weightlifting can lead to bulkiness and tend to steer clear of that area of the gym, when in fact, those free weights; when done correctly; can actually ensure your success. Read the beginners guide to selecting the proper weights to be used for lifting and #FindYourStrength in the gym.