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Why is everyone purchasing Advocare’s Spark? Is it because Spark is a healthier form of energy drink when compared to a Redbull or a Monster? Are people buying because of the amino acids found in Spark? Maybe it’s because of the vitamins and minerals.

Advocare has a very good product that is definitely worth buying if it wasn’t for one key component. The cost is incredibly steep! There are other products out there that are easily half the cost of Spark. For this review I’m going to compare Spark with Optimum Nutrition’s Essential Amino Energy.


Spark can be bought in either a 42 serving tub or a box of 14 pouches. The tub costs $51.95 and the box of pouches costs $22.95. The price per serving on the tub is the cheapest way to get spark and it costs $1.24 per serving.

Amino Energy also has two options of either 30 servings or 65 servings. The prices are either $19.99 or $37.99 and the cheapest price per serving is $.58 on the 65 serving tub. The Spark clearly costs twice as much as the Amino Energy.

Keep in mind that you would still be saving money if you choose to drink Spark instead of a typical energy drink that you would pick up from your local convenience store. Mixing your own energy drink will always be cheaper than buying a prepackaged individual serving.

However, when comparing Spark and Amino Energy you could save about $20 a month if you were to consume one serving everyday. Also, keep in mind that Advocare is a multi level marketing brand. That means that they get distributors to sell their product and the distributor makes a commission based on how much they sell. Advocare bumps up the price of the product to begin with so that they can pay their distributors. In other words every time you purchase from advocare you will end up paying about 20% extra to go straight to the distributors pocket.


Both products contain a fair amount of caffeine per serving. Spark has 120 milligrams of caffeine which is significantly more than a cup of coffee that averages 95 milligrams. Spark should give you more energy than your average cup of joe.

Amino Energy has 160 milligrams of an energy blend comprised of caffeine from green tea, green tea extract, and green coffee extract. However, within the blend only 100 milligrams is actually caffeine so it is comparable to a cup of coffee. The fact that the caffeine comes from green tea is an added bonus. Green tea extract has been shown to help enhance fat loss and support the immune system.

It comes down to personal preference. Some people will prefer the extra caffeine to provide more energy and others will prefer the energy blend from Amino Energy that will help shed weight and boost the immune system.

Advocare Spark Nutrition Facts



This is where Spark will outperform Amino Energy as Amino Energy doesn’t have any vitamins. This is one of the top selling points of Spark, which includes an immune system boosting vitamin blend. The extra B-vitamins will also promote extra energy throughout the day. However, the blend of vitamins included in Spark really don’t amount to much.

Compare the vitamins in Spark to Optimum Nutrition Opti-Women, a popular multi-vitamin. Opti-Women has over twice as many vitamins in higher doses than Spark.  If you are already taking a daily multi-vitamin, the extra vitamins & minerals in Spark will be wasted as you are already getting your daily requirements.

Purchasing Amino Energy and a multivitamin would still save money at the end of the day so it really comes down to convenience versus money.

Optimum Nutrition OPTI-WOMEN Nutritional Facts


Both Spark and Amino Energy contain amino acids. Spark’s amino complex is made of mostly Tyrosine and Taurine. Taurine has shown to benefit mental performance as well as help burn fat and reduce stress levels. Tyrosine can also improve mental performance. Spark has a very small lineup of amino acids and they combine to make just under 1 gram.

Amino Energy has 5 grams of amino acids per scoop and it contains a wider range of aminos compared to Spark. Leucine and isoleucine are both found in Amino Energy and they can be used by the body as an energy source. ON’s Amino Energy also contains taurine and tyrosine like Spark. Amino Energy contains glutamine and arginine for increased hydration and immune health.

When it comes to amino acids Spark does not come close.


The two products both have their strengths as well as their weaknesses. Spark has a great vitamin profile with a significant amount of caffeine. The problem lies in the fact that it doesn’t support a sturdy amino acid complex and it is very expensive.

Amino Energy is very affordable compared to Spark and has a great amino energy formula as well as a clean caffeine blend from green tea. Again, there are no vitamins in Amino Energy and that may make some people lean toward Spark. Remember that a multivitamin can more than replace the vitamins found in Spark and it would still help out your budget.

Also, remember that about 20% of the money you spend on Spark would go directly to a distributors pocket since Advocare is a multi level marketing company. That just goes to show that Spark is overpriced from the beginning.

The choice is yours, convenience or budget.

Spark can only be purchased from a distributor in your area, which makes buying a bit of a hastle. Amino Energy can be purchased at Currently, you can buy a 30 serving container for $19.99 or 2 for $17.99 each.  You can buy a 65 serving container for $37.99 or 2 for $35.99 each!

If you are interested in a women’s multivitamin, also has Opti-Women in both the 60 Cap and 120 Cap Size. The choice is yours!

Like Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy? You’ll LOVE NutraCharge Charged Amino! Charged Amino has more BCAA’s, electrolytes for hydration, and superior taste to Amino Energy.

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Like Optimum Nutrition’s Amino Energy? You’ll LOVE NutraCharge Charged Amino! Charged Amino has more BCAA’s, electrolytes for hydration, and superior taste to Amino Energy. Use code CHARGED15 to get it for ONLY $15 when you buy 2 or more.

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