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Sneaky SabotageIt is Monday and Facebook is full of weekend regret.

It happens.

You have goals.

You have a plan.

You are doing great and then something happens.

One indulgent treat leads to a weekend of indulgences. One missed day of working out becomes one week. We see it happening and yet it can be so hard to get back on track. How does it happen? What causes it? How do you get back on track?

Why does it happen? Why is it that you can be doing so great without any junk food or soda cravings and then you find yourself filling up on these things? There are a few possible causes. See if any of these are familiar.

Self-talk sabotage

  • You had a great workout or a whole bunch of great workouts and you think to yourself, “I deserve a reward for all my hard work.”
  • Someone compliments on your weight loss or how fit you look. You tell yourself that you can afford to have a treat now and then in your diet (since you are looking so fabulous).
  • You cannot see the results of all your healthy eating and more active lifestyle so you figure why bother
  • Social gatherings where there is a table loaded with treats or rich food, everyone is heaping their plates full and you don’t want to seem rude so you join in.
  • You had a really difficult day or a really great day and now food is required to cheer you up or celebrate.

Situation sabotage

  • You get injured or have been sick so you went with whatever food was most convenient. This may have also kept you from getting to the gym.
  • A family member or loved one has been sick or injured and that has left you with less time to care for your own health. It seems selfish to be taking time for meal prep or to go for a walk when a loved one needs your care.
  • It is a hectic time at work and by the time you get home you are exhausted.
  • You are on vacation/ traveling and it seems like the local cuisine is all breaded and fried or drowned in heavy sauces.

Finally the most dangerous sabotage of all:

  • Sabotage that comes from well-intentioned friends, family or co-workers

A friend posted this shared this several months ago and I have saved it.  It was not the fact that I have heard these things that struck me hardest about this list; it was the fact that I have heard many of these phrases leave my own lips.

Sneaky Sabotage

When people say these words, they feel they are helping you. When you hear these words you know that they are being said with love and concern.  That is what makes it so hard to respond and stick with whatever meal or activity that you have planned for yourself.

Now that we have established some of the things that can get you off track, you need to make a plan to stay on track and maybe get back on track.

In everything that I do, I try to focus on why I am doing it or why I want to achieve a particular goal. This is harder than you think, even with practice. You have to be just like a 3 year old with yourself. Really narrow it down. If you are struggling with this whole concept check out and watch some videos on “finding your why”. Taking the time to do this makes responding to a lot of those sneaky sabotage situations easier, especially when the sabotage comes from another person. You will better be able to explain why you choose to eat healthy or be more active.

If you know there are certain situations that are going to be challenging for you to overcome, plan for them. Be prepared so that you can avoid those situations (carry healthy snacks, meal prep, find a fitness friend…) Look at your schedule and if you know that you are going to be feeling overwhelmed, prepare ahead of time. When you want to reward yourself what is another way you can do that? Maybe something as small as giving yourself a manicure, taking time for yourself, indulge in some essential oils or a fragrance that makes you happy, any little thing just for you, that is not food.

Maybe you are off track right now. You keep trying to get back into your workout routine and making healthy eating choices; but those healthy habits just won’t stick. The other thing that happens is you “force” yourself to go through the routine – get up, go workout, pack the healthy lunch, avoid the cake in the breakroom….. You just go through the motions and it is making you miserable. You begin to wonder why you bother. It’s a frustrating situation.  One thing that may help and that can relieve some of that overwhelming “how do I fix this” feeling is baby steps.  Sometimes you can’t jump right back in at the point you left off. You have to rebuild those habits. Maybe that means you just commit to walking for 30 minutes a day and cutting down on soda. Then the next week you add another goal and continue to rebuild your healthy lifestyle. Try to choose one eating/nutrition goal and one fitness goal to add each time. Choose goals that can easily become good habits rather than things like I am going to lose 5 lbs. Focus on what you can control. You can control what you eat/drink and how active you are.

Remember even when you don’t see the number on the scale change or your pants size remains the same: you are doing something good for your health. You can’t see that your heart and bones are getting stronger or any of the other fantastic health benefits that you are giving your body. Just because we don’t always recognize the results with our eyes does not mean there aren’t some amazing changes going on.


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