Simple DIY Essential Oil Car Diffusers

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If you are anything like me, a scent can calm you, energize you, or bring back a wonderful memory. If you already use essential oils in your home and workplace, you are well aware of all the wonderful things the power of scent can do for your well being. Why not carry those wonderful benefits to where you spend about 1/3 of your day? We have come up with a super easy DIY essential oil car diffuser that will do just that!

What you will need for your DIY Essential Oil Car Diffuser…

  • clothespins (the springy kind, wood or color ones)
  • cork (really any kind, flat, round, etc)
  • glue (a hot glue gun works best)
  • embellishments (this is the fun part) ribbons, buttons, gems, beads, small colored rocks, the sky is really the limit!
  • Your favorite NOW Essential Oil(s)

How to Make…

  • Cut your cork to fit on your clothespin any way you would like.
  • Using your hot glue gun, glue on your cork and any embellishments you choose.
  • Place a drop of your favorite Now Essential Oil(s) on the cork and attach your piece of artwork on your heating vent in your car!
  • That’s it!

These make absolutely great gifts! Give them by themselves or attach to a gift you already planned on giving!! ‘Tis the season!!

We would love to see how yours turned out! Send them to me at [email protected] so we can show off your creativity!

Jessica Allion

I reached 200 pounds after having my children and several things have led me to be healthier for myself and for my family; countless fitness DVDs, a gym membership, leading a weight management class at my church, and a personal trainer telling me I had good symmetry.
My husband and I have competed in several competitions from 2012 to 2015. Every competition brought more information on how to be better and stronger both mentally and physically.
I have learned many things on my fitness journey, but the one thing that I hear over and over no matter what size they are is the self-talk that many women tell themselves regarding the way they see themselves. I am incredibly grateful for the opportunity to have the tools and wisdom of the people around me to help women of all shapes and dynamics to help them on their journey.

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