Sample Training Split

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Sample Training SplitReady to start the New Year off in the gym but not sure where to begin? Below is a sample training guide to get you started. It is designed for beginners or intermediate gym goers as weight can be adjusted to fit your personal needs. If your goal is to strength train 2-4x/week the following will work to get you started!

Upper Body

  • 3×10 assisted wide grip pull ups
  • 4×15 close grip lat pull downs
  • 4×10 seated cable rows
  • 3×10 flat bench dumbbell press
  • 3×10 seated shoulder machine press
  • 4×15 standing dumbbell Arnold press
  • 3×10-15 push ups

Lower Body

  • 4×15 leg press
  • 4×15 goblet squats
  • 3×10 lying leg curls
  • 3×10 seated leg extension
  • 4×20 walking lunges

Sample Training SplitTotal Body

  • 4×10 wide grip lat pull down
  • Super Set (performing 2 exercises back to back) 4×15 squat with dumbbell Arnold press
  • 4×10 single arm dumbbell row
  • Super Set 4×15 bench step up with bicep curl
  • 4×10 Incline dumbbell chest press
  • Super Set 4×15 dumbell Romanian deadlifts
  • 4×15 reverse lunges with dumbbell lateral raise
  • Super Set with 4×30-60sec plank holds

Post written by Kristi Romero. Kristi has been active in the health and fitness industry for over 10 years as a personal trainer, fitness competitor, nutritionist, and health coach. She holds a bachelors degree in Health Promotion and certifications with ACE and NASM. As a new mom, her passion for health and wellness has grown to specialize in women and children.

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