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Simple Innovative Meal Planning – Love Eating

By Kathy Lange

Making healthy meals from scratch (that everyone likes) while juggling work, kids and other activities can quickly become overwhelming. Plus there is the whole issue of grocery shopping.  Making the list and reading labels can take forever and what are those big long words? Who has time for all of that?

Making healthy meals easier

I am going to share some ideas that will guide you on your journey to healthy eating for you and your family even if you are short on time, cooking skills or finances. Everyone has their own version of healthy – decide what that means to you. What are your biggest questions? What obstacles do you face when grocery shopping or preparing healthy food? Make sure to comment and I will address those in upcoming articles.

Making healthy meals convenient

Who isn’t a fan of saving time? Instead of buying canned or boxed items, look to your produce and frozen foods department to save time. Let’s be real, chopping onions is no fun; but, onions can add a lot to your dish. Most stores carry chopped onion in the produce and freezer department. They may be a little more expensive so you may have to decide if the convenience is worth the price.

You can also buy mushrooms, tomatoes, celery and peppers diced up and ready to go. Purchase some eggs and you have the makings of your first meal – omelets.

Have a little extra time? Let everyone “design” their own omelet. Divide the ingredients into several bowls (cooking show style) and let each person go along with a cereal bowl adding the ingredients that they want. Add a couple eggs and each person has custom made dinner. Omelets are also a great way to use leftover meats and veggies from the refrigerator. Breakfast for dinner is a good way to mix things up.

Making healthy meals on-the-go

What about those evenings when you are stuck driving from one place to the next with no time to sit down for a meal at the table? My family loves wraps. These are a helpful and affordable way to take a meal on the go. Spread a favorite dressing (honey mustard is popular with my family) on a tortilla or flat bread then add some veggies. Now add some of that left over roast chicken, lunch meat, or even a sliced up pork chop. You may want to add a bit of cheese. Wraps can be served warm or cold. Try different combinations. Ask your family for input – name the unique winning combinations after the person that invented them.

Making healthy meals important

Food is nutrition and it can heal us or hurt us. It is fuel for our bodies. What happens if you put the wrong type of fuel in your vehicle? The engine will not work correctly or not at all. If you put half a tank of gas in your vehicle you wouldn’t expect it to go just as far as it would on a full tank. The same goes for our bodies – they run so much more efficiently when we fuel them properly. Keep this analogy in mind as you make choices at the grocery store. When your car breaks down you can get a loaner – we can’t do that with our bodies so it is important to take care of the one you have.

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