Reward kids with a Race!

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Reward Kids with a RaceQuite often we tend to reward our children with a snack, treat, or fast food favorite. As busy families this technique is a simple and easy reward… but is it really a reward?

Children all across the country are faced with the pressures and statistics of obesity. Focused on your families health is a greater reward than any drive thru special can offer. Take the time to look into area events that you can do with your kids that would be a healthy and special reward. Rewarding your kids due to good behavior, passing test scores and overall positivity, will only strengthen their positive response and drive to do well in the world we live in.

This past weekend I got the opportunity to reward my two children with a fun event. The Color Vibe 5k is held at different locations throughout the country and offers a kid friendly, positive ambiance, an easy course for the whole family. Such an overall feeling of happiness and accomplishment came from this experience. Stepping out of my normal race day and into this event offered a signature coloring experience and seeing your kids covered in the colored powder is just so FUN!

Reward Kids with a RaceMy two children could not be more different when it comes to being athletic. John, my seven year old, tends to be a bit on the coasting side of fitness and would much rather play video games or watch television, then ride his bike or go for a walk. On the flip side is my four year old Allison, who illuminates fitness and activity every moment of her day. Dance, cartwheels, bike rides; she is my little fitness buddy. Being active with them is so great. Running and walking thru the showers of colored powder was far more exciting than sharing an ice cream treat and those memories will last forever. This event offered something that both kids loved and it really makes for a fantastic reward.

Not only was it a reward for John and Allison, it was a true reward for a schedule filled mom like me. I recall John’s voice of happiness when he exclaimed “this is the best day of my life!”

Now, THAT is better than any candy bar……. RIGHT!

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