Post-Workout Nutrition

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Post-workout meal – Finish eating 30-60 minutes after training. I prefer not to rush and allow Post-Workout Nutritionhunger to give me the cue of when it’s time to eat.

Consume a fast digesting protein source to stimulate protein synthesis post training. This will help establish a greater muscle protein turnover rate (building lean muscle mass) and prevent muscle protein breakdown (muscle loss).

Favorite Choice for Fast digesting protein

Post exercise is the best time to consume your highest carbohydrate meal for the day. At this time there is an increased ability to absorb carbohydrates into your muscle cells. You want to choose a fast digesting carbohydrate source to take advantage of this environment.

Favorite Choice for Carbohydrates

  • White rice
  • Cream of Rice (Mix in protein powder to make a delicious post workout pudding)
  • Rice cakes with honey
  • Bagel with Jelly
  • Pineapple
  • Potatoes
  • Cereal (Use vanilla protein for milk substitute)
  • Carb powders