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School bells are ringing long and hard, and once again parents everywhere are faced with healthy and no-so-healthy lunch choices.  If you are like many, you tend to grab whatever you can easily toss in a plastic bag before walking out the door with kids.

CEO’s of your fit family

Always try to have a solid plan against the self-proclaimed glory of the fruit snacks, chips, crackers, and fruit-by-the-foot. During the school year especially those little hooligans try to compromise your better judgment as you walk through the aisles with your kids. If you listen closely you can hear them calling out to your innocent children… pick me…choose me…


School lunch programs have come a long way. Now you can find a taco “walking” or a whole day just to celebrate the infamous taco!

Yogurt cups, fresh fruits, veggies, sandwich meats with really tasty wraps and different bread options. Really good food that offers the extra energy and healthy fat to their diet that will help them be successful on those long school days.  Baked chips, protein bars and healthier cookies either homemade or bought are great for a once-in-awhile snack to pack too.



Taking the time to choose options with your kids will benefit both you and them. Learn to save a ton of money and bickering and give them some control in the process. Take your kids to the grocery store and strongly suggest different alternatives to the not-so-healthy choices.  Try to find a compromise.

Along with giving your children a say in what they choose to put in their lunches, give them the responsibility of preparing their lunches. Mornings can be crazy busy, but after dinner the night before is probably a better time to have your kids pack their lunches for the next day. It will help develop those fundamental skills that each person needs such as; accountability, respect for self and time management.

The first time your kiddo gets to school with no lunch and has to eat the school’s “insert dreaded food here” or even worse (better?) they go without food, it will be the LAST time they “forget” or blame you for not preparing it for them. Of course, it is probably a good idea to check their lunches before they head out the door, but it is a great way to have our kids play a crucial role in their health.



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