Journaling to Make Your Goals a Reality

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It can be very valuable to fantasize and plan out your future. Whether it is dreaming of your perfect wedding or the perfect dream job, thinking about “what could be” is the beginning of reaching your goals and aspirations. To make those goals a reality will depend on the steps that are taken to achieve those results. Discover how starting a journal can help you achieve your goals.

People can set many goals that seem to be pretty easy to achieve. However, if they fail to achieve even just a few of them, it is most likely due to an inability to determine priorities, rather than laziness or weakness.

Journaling Your Dreams & Goals

Writing a journal is an effective method for achieving your dreams and goals. Furthermore, by turning a few pages back, it is possible to clearly see daily or weekly progress.

It allows you to write in simple words as you are not writing a research paper in your journal. If you need one, look at custom writing reviews’ ratings to find a suitable specialist.

Get prepared

Before you begin putting your goals into action, you should do some prep work, including:

  • Purchasing a journal. It can be a simple notebook but you can decorate it to make it look more special because it will be in charge of bringing your dreams to reality.
  • Yoga, meditation, relaxation. To correctly understand your relevant wishes, you must first relieve stress and allow your body to relax.

Journaling & setting goals

Write down 5-6 of the most important goals that you want to achieve in the next 90 days.

Why 90 days? Because it is around this time that a person can stay focused on one important goal without having to press the “reset button,” and see real successes. To help your brain focus better on a daily basis, you can buy Magnum Nutraceuticals Mane Brain, providing significant support throughout busy workdays.

Journaling & revising goals

What you write must have meaning for you. The goal is not an abstract concept; it must be precisely defined and quantifiable. In other words, the goal “I want to lose weight” is not an entirely accurate goal. The right variant: “I want to lose 5 pounds.”

Determine the key objective

You can now decide which of these objectives is most important to you. What is the number one most important goal? It is the one that is supported by the majority of your secondary goals.

When your effort is directed toward the key goal, the subconscious is interpreted as all secondary goals, and the likelihood of their achievement increases significantly.

Explain the need for achievement of the key objective

After you decide on the target goal to work toward, you will have to answer the most important question: Why is it critical for you to achieve it? Intuition may help you to find the answer through minor questions:

  • Why do I want to accomplish this?
  • What will help me achieve this goal?
  • What else am I able to do with that outcome?

Simply write down your thoughts as a guide. This is why journaling is so important.


You must visualize goals to focus and “tune” your mind. Your subconscious has billions of times the power of your conscious mind. It thinks and operates in a very different way. Stay with us…

Consciousness is in charge of coherent, linear thoughts that follow one after the other (they even sound like sentences in your head), whereas the subconscious simply sees the pictures and persistently strives for them. Many experts advise making collages, on which people can stick cars, houses, dream jobs, and even wives/husbands.

Here is how to work with a collage:

  • Enter a meditative state and create a mental picture of the object or situation you need with as many details as possible. Include yourself in the composition and think about what you want to have as of already accomplished.
  • Focus on the collage and your goals as many times as you want (at least several times a day).
  • Provide it with positive energy. Write down positive settings that you should repeat daily to yourself and out loud.

Create daily rituals

To create a ritual, you will consciously construct some automatic behavioral models that will serve as a link to your goals.

Program your thoughts

The morning is the ideal time to program your brain for success. It transitions from sleep to wakefulness at this time, and its waves are configured in such a way that your subconscious is extremely vulnerable to the “thought seeds” that you will sow.

The second time you should program yourself is in the last few minutes of your day. Find an opportunity to repeat your goals in the form of images in the last hour before bedtime, and then express gratitude for everything good that happened that day.

Journaling to success

Aside from the above-mentioned steps, personal development experts also recommend thinking positively, thanking the universe on a daily basis, and avoiding a society of negative thinkers. Remember to keep track of even minor advancements in your journal.

If you still need a little help there are many professional online paper writers that can help you. As a result, you will have more time to learn how to properly set goals and achieve what you want.

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