Introduction to German Volume Training (GVT)

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German Volume Training is something that makes workouts simple, quick, and very effective! The most important aspect of GVT is the 10X10 set/reps. Ten sets of ten sounds like a daunting task but once you start it goes by very fast. Yes the workouts will be tough, but you are allowed to make them as easy or challenging as you want! This is a great program to add muscle, burn calories, and keep things simple!

Rest times:
Lower Weight = Less rest time (30-45) seconds rest
Moderate Weight = (45-60) seconds rest
Heavy Weight = (1-2) minutes rest

The key to picking the exercises for the 10×10 will be compound movements such as; squats, bench press, shoulder press, deadlifts & bent over rows. The exception would be for calves, abdominals, biceps, and triceps. For those movements you would want to pick very basic/effective movements; barbell bicep curl, hanging leg raises, close grip bench press, and heavy calf raises on leg press machine. You have the option to do 1-2 more exercises (with normal sets and reps) after the 10×10 but keep it simple and focus on the initial 10×10 exercise.

Example of a week long GVT program

Day 1: Back
Deadlifts 10X10
Dumbbell one arm bent over rows 4X10
Lat Pull Down 5X12

Day 2: Shoulders
Barbell Overhead Press 10X10
Side Shoulder raises 4X8
Rear Delt (shoulder) Flys 3X15

Day 3: Legs
Squats 10X10
Leg Press 4X12
Straight Leg Deadlift 5X8

Day 4: Chest
Flat Barbell Bench Press 10X10
Incline Dumbbell Bench Press 5X5
Cable Chest Fly 4X12
Day 5: Cardio/Abdominals
Sprints outside or on treadmill 10X10
Jog 5 min
5 min stair master or rowing machine
Hanging leg raises 10X10
Abdominal Rollouts 5X10
Side Oblique Crunches 3X15

Day 6: Arms (Super Set – to alternate exercise between each rep)
Close Grip Barbell or Dumbbell Bench Press 10×10 – Super Set with Barbell Bicep Curl 10×10
Cable Triceps Press downs 3×12 – Super Set with Dumbbell Hammer curl 3X12
Behind the head cable triceps extensions 4X10
Reverse grip barbell curls 4X10

Day 7: Rest

Feel free do add in your own workouts. The key to get the 10×10 compound exercises is have fun! Stretching 5-10 minutes after exercise is encouraged, along with warming up before resistance training!

Don’t forget your BCAA’s! You have worked hard to break down all those beautiful muscles and now comes the repair, recovery and rebuilding of those muscles! A good isolate protein can also help repair and reduce muscle soreness!

printable pdf: GVT Workout

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