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By Desiree Hendrickson

If you’re like a majority of the population, you’ve probably tried some kind of diet or cleanse at one point or another that you believed would help you achieve your goal weight. You  have also possibly gone through extreme highs and lows in search to find that perfect goal weight. That target weight where you perform at your best while looking and feeling your best. Finding the ultimate balance between an exciting social lifestyle, peak performance in training/activities, and maintaining a positive self-image.


Sometimes the most difficult part of achieving your goal weight is finding what that number is. And when I refer to “goal weight”, I’m referring to a weight that is effortlessly maintainable by your natural habits, lifestyle, and personal preference.

Personally for me, I enjoy staying around 145-150lbs. Weighing in this range I feel my body has met its natural homeostasis. I can train harder, recover faster, and feel my best. My nutrition is more flexible as well, I’m able to go to social events and have beverages and eat treats and still maintain this happy weight range.  Then I dial it back in during the work-week.


Finding that goal weight can be difficult. I would suggest taking a step back and evaluating what is most important to you. Do you desperately want to keep fitting into your “skinny” jeans? Or do you want to measure your goal weight by performance? Personally, I’m not as strong weighing in the low 130lbs than when I’m creeping 150lbs. So if I were more focused on how strong I am or how much weight I can move during training, I would consider holding a higher body weight.


Again, this goal weight should be a “mindless” effort. This goal weight is where you don’t have to magnify every single aspect of your life and evaluate it towards where you are to maintaining your goal weight. The self-monitoring disappears, and careless emotions appear. And when I say careless, I don’t mean that in a negative way. I mean careless in the fashion that you don’t micro-manage yourself.


Again, effortlessly with nutrition and training style.  What do you LIKE to do and what drives you.

What do you look forward to on a Monday morning? I’ve seen quotes that say, “do something that scares you everyday”. I can see the value in putting yourself out there and to push yourself further than you thought possible. But I also find value in doing something that makes you HAPPY every day. Each day you should set aside your own “me” time.

For me, I start my day with my “me” time of training at 5:00am. I truly wouldn’t want to start my day any other way. For others I know, they have a nightly routine of 30 minutes before they go to bed, they have a relaxing cup of tea to calm their mind and wind down from the day. Understand what you need to have each day and make sure to prioritize it to happen, consistently.


Have you seen those Snickers commercials? You know, the ones where someone seems like a monster until you hand them a Snickers and then they turn normal again? Yeah, you’re not the same when you haven’t met that goal weight either. I noticed a change in my mood when I’m lower in body fat percentages. I tend to have a hard time maintaining happy emotions and attract negative thoughts more often. Perhaps this is from my nutrition efforts of achieving a lower body fat.

However, the principal still stands. I could not consider this lower body fat level to be my goal weight if I can’t maintain day-to-day happiness. When I keep my weight around the 145-150lbs I just feel better. Simple as that, I just feel good so I’m in a better mood.

This is important because even though we hold our goals so high that we’ll do whatever it takes to achieve them, we need to realize how it affects others around us and be sure to take responsibilities of our actions.


In closing, there is no blueprint answer of what your goal weight should be. In all honestly, your goal weight could change month-to-month depending on what your goals are. The important take away is to take care of your body and do what makes you happy, balance is key!


Desiree Hendrickson

Desiree is from a small town in southwestern Wisconsin. She’s enjoys everything outdoors and strives to live a healthy lifestyle.

Desiree believes life is about balance between a personal and professional lifestyle and continues to challenge herself with new goals and athletic pursuits to keep her body and mind guessing.  She believes that success in all aspects of life is the ultimate goal and looks forward to helping and motivating her family, friends and followers to be the best version of themselves.

Desiree’s favorite products for post-workout, she has two favorites: Xtend and ABC CORE Nutritionals. Xtend brand blends very well and is a very fine kind of powder.She loves all the flavors! ABC CORE Nutritionals is an extensive blend with multiple aminos that will assist in more efficient recovery. My favorite flavor is the Blueberry!

Desiree loves Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy to spice up any drink and helps give her a boost of energy. The Amino Energy Café series as an excellent substitute for creamer in my coffee. She uses flavors such as Watermelon or Blueberry mixed in lemonade or iced tea.

For protein her all-time favorite is Fudge Brownie flavor of Dymatize ISO-100. She has also tried  cinnamon bun, cookies & crème and they’re delicious also!

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