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You don’t have to stress as you walk into a restaurant. You can eat out and successfully lose weight. Knowing how and what to order can make dieting …a piece of cake!

Do Your Homework

With apps like Yelp, Urbanspoon and Trip Advisor, you can do it in a matter of minutes so you are prepared when you open the menu. It helps a great deal to look up the nutrition info beforehand. Sometimes knowing how many calories and how much fat are in that Double Bacon Cowboy Burger Platter (830+ Calories,  44+g Total Fat,  47+g Protein, 1470+mg Sodium,  62+g Carbs) makes it easier to choose a better alternative.

Tell yourself, 

“They will always have this on their menu. I  can order _____ when I reach my goals. Right now I am going to choose something healthier and not feel deprived but empowered”.

No Thank You, Ma’am

Pass on the bread and chips. You start off with a few hundred empty carb calories right out of the gate. Start off with a nice salad and/or broth-based soup.

Use this Salad Calorie Counter to figure out what you can enjoy guilt-free and what you should toss!

Center Your Meal Around Lean Protein & Veggies

Ok, you know this. All restaurants have grilled, blackened or broiled chicken, fish or steak. Request that you want it to be prepared without any added oil or butter. Often times they put a pat of butter over the top of steak when they are grilling it. Guaranteed that you are not the first nor will you be the last to ask for something to be prepared differently.

Same goes for veggies. Ask for the veggies to be steamed.  

Many places now have sweet potatoes as well as white potatoes as an option.  Again, you will want these options baked and not fried.

If your food appears greasy simply blot them with a napkin before you dig in.


Skip the Alcohol to Lose Weight

Rarely do you make good food choices when you are 3 glasses of wine in. Alcohol increases appetite and are empty calories. Pass.

Be Extra Nice to the Server

Tip them extra for the trouble and show your appreciation for being accommodating. Most servers truly want to make you happy and your experience enjoyable.  They are usually more than willing to serve you the entrees you desire. Society is changing the foods we shop for in the grocery store and that is also carrying over into our dining experience.

Meals are a wonderful way to enjoy the company of those you’re with. It doesn’t have to be all about the food.  

You may feel uncomfortable making requests in front of your friends and feel as though you are being a pain but, don’t.  Chances are, they know you care about what you are eating and quite possibly even change their order and include more healthy choices to their meal!

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