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I am an entrepreneur, a wife, and a mom. Besides that, I love sports and anything fitness related.

Feeling healthy and setting a good example for my children is my dream in life and I love seeing others work hard and succeed. I love this industry.

That’s how I would define myself.

How would you define yourself? What are your strengths? Every woman out there is different. We were not created equal and we have different interest and goals, that also means we have different obstacles. Some are young, some are old. Injuries and different body types are also factors. We have families. We have school. We have work. We are busy, but we all have strengths.

She believed she could . . . so she did.

Her Suppz has been a dream in the making. We wanted to create a site for women only. A site with valuable content in health and wellness along with fitness and nutritional information.

We want women to find their strength, build their strength, and share their strengths with other women. We hope you #findyourstrength too!

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