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So this recipe isn’t exactly super healthy but when you make good choices most of the time that leaves room for some indulgences!

When you consistently eat healthy and make the right choices your children need to see that you can have the fun stuff too! Moderation is hard and it takes practice.

We couldn’t think of a better recipe to practice on!


And we couldn’t imagine not having something fun for the kids to make like this Bunny Bait recipe!

There are so many more things you could add to this Bunny Bait recipe such as; raisins, pretzels, rice cereal or even chia seeds. Have fun with it!



6 cups popped popcorn

6 oz white chocolate bark

Bag of Easter M&M’s

1 cup of NOW Raw Cashews  or nuts of your choice

Pastel Sprinkles



Place popped popcorn in large bowl with nuts and M&M’s.
Put a sheet of wax paper over a large cookie sheet and set to the side.

Place white chocolate in glass bowl and heat until melted and smooth stirring every 30 seconds.

Drizzle the white chocolate over the popcorn mixture and stir until all mixture is coated entirely.

Spread the mixture on the cookie sheet and top with the sprinkles

Let cool then break into bite-size pieces.



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