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My daughter, Addie, wanted to run with me on Mother's Day

My daughter, Addie, wanted to run with me on Mother’s Day

Hope everyone had a great Mother’s Day yesterday. I did. I actually told my husband I wish it was every week ; ) From the cute notes and kind words to the sweet little gifts and spending time with my family, it was an awesome day!

I have noticed lately that my kids are really paying attention to their food choices. Always asking questions, “Mom, is that healthy for me?” “Mom, will that make me stronger?” and my personal favorite, “Mom, will that help me make it to the Major Leagues?”

They are watching what I eat. They are watching what I say. They are watching what I do. We have an important job now to shape their choices for the future. I am not just talking about eating healthy, but having an active lifestyle too. How well are you doing your job?


My daughter, Addie, wanted to run with me on Mother’s Day

Try to do something active every day. Go for a walk or a bike ride or play catch in the yard with your kids. If you can’t make time to be active with them, talk about what you activity you did on your own. Encourage them to get outside and play. Try to make healthier food choices and have them help you prepare it. Kids are more likely to try something they prepared, so make sure they at least try a bite!

#findyourstrength and be a healthy role model




I write blogs about my accomplishments, my failures, my doubts, my goals, and my inspiration. But, it’s really not about me. It’s about real life and the challenges we each face and continuing to find your strength along the way. I want to inspire people, but I also want them to see the real me. I am just a normal person trying to do the best I can with what I was given. This is my journey and you have yours.  Nobody is perfect…all the time. We all suck at things. -Mary Sheckler



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