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Get your BAND out and start rockin’ those GLUTES with these awesome moves!!

Goblet Squats with a Band: 4 sets of 10-12 reps
While goblet squats on their own are great, adding the band really isolates the outer hip area.
Placing the band around your knees get those glutes as low as you can (lower) holding a kettlebell (dumbbell or plate works as well). Remember to keep that core tight, it relieves the back of strain.

Cable Kick-Backs: 3 sets of 10
Adding a riser will give you a added resistance at the bottom of the movement. Can also be done with a band if you do not have access to a cable machine.

As you raise your foot behind you pause and hold at the top of the movement really focusing on squeezing those glutes.

Hip Thrusts: 3 sets of 10-12
Using a weighted bar, dumbbells or a band place them comfortably on your hips. If using a band hold the band on either side with your hands. Go heavy or…

Really push through your heels and squeezing at the top

Monster Walks with a Band: 3 sets 20 steps to the right then 20 to the left.
Place the band around your ankles and bend your knees slightly. If you have never done a monster walk before it takes a minute to get used to the resistance. Take your time and you will be feeling all kinds of good in those glutes!

Walking Lunges: 4 sets of 25 steps (each leg counts as 1rep)
On the treadmill these are killer. Set speed to 2.5 and 12%incline. No treadmill? No problem… you can do them on the floor or outside!

Need a little boost to get those GLUTES moving? Optimum Nutrition’s AMINO ENERGY  will get you moving, keep you moving and help recover that booty!

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