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By Brenda Forsyth

My eyes really are bigger than my stomach…sort of

I always had a love for food. I remember my dad would say, “Your eye’s are bigger than your stomach” as I loaded up my dinner plate with heaping servings of my mom’s home cooked food.

11 ½ years ago I chose to have the Roux-en-y gastric bypass surgery due to the large amount of weight I needed to lose.  My medical Doctor’s agreed. I was 31 years old, weighed 313lbs and felt like I was 85. I needed help.

What it is

Gastric bypass surgery is just one of the different types of weight loss surgery. Roux-en-y gastric bypass involves modifying the stomach and digestive system to limit the intake of food. More specifically, a small pouch is made from the upper portion of the stomach. The small intestine is then bypassed to connect to both the pouch and remaining portion of the stomach, creating a ‘Y’.

Limiting the size of the stomach reduces the amount of food you can eat at one time, and also reduces the amount of ghrelin – the hunger hormone – present in your stomach. In addition, the first part of the small intestine is bypassed – leading to less absorption of the food you do eat. And if you eat the wrong things – such as too much sugar or fatty foods – an unpleasant feeling called the ‘dumping syndrome’ occurs due to the bypass. This leads to the loss of between 60-80% of excess weight — that is, if you take the steps required to ensure post-surgery weight-loss success.



A quick fix

With having Gastric Bypass Surgery, the surgeon reduces the size of your stomach to about the size of a lemon. Now you physically can’t eat the amount of food you use to even though your brain is telling you to finish that food because it is SO GOOD! You really need to listen to your new stomach.

Bariatric surgery isn’t a quick fix or some magic wonder pill as a lot of people think it to be. It’s just a helpful tool still leaving one with the mental aspect to fight off cravings. It’s a lifestyle change. The surgery didn’t fix me, I fixed me.

One must really be strong minded to do this and really commit for life otherwise one can and will regain the weight.


Chicken is more than just a good juicy piece of meat

After surgery you start with the liquid stage, then pure, soft food the solids. Think of it as you are a new born baby again. Each stage lasts about 2 weeks.

Eating isn’t about food anymore it is now about nutrition. This is when you realize that a 4-ounce chicken breast isn’t just a good juicy chunk of meat. I now look at it as 20 grams of protein helping build and keep my muscles healthy. A 4-ounce piece of fish is another healthy piece of protein but this time around I don’t drown it in butter. I now see food as fuel.

Low carb, high protein moderate fat foods are what my diet consists of and I no longer eat simple carbs or sugar. The max amount of food I can physically eat is about 1 cup each meal. I focus on getting my protein in first. I gave up all the junk food and bad habits that got me to be morbidly obese. Very few items are processed. I track my macros, weigh my food and I take the time to read and learn how food benefits my body.


Love my NutraBio

I also noticed that the cheaper a protein powder is with less nutrients the more it taste terrible.  NutraBio Naturals Grass Fed Whey Protein  uses the purest ingredients and the company believes in only the best. I also take my vitamins daily along with Glutamine, Magnesium, Fish Oil.

Health and fitness is my newfound love. I am so thankful to be part of the HerSuppz Family, letting me help others by encouraging them with their weight loss journey.

If you have any questions about weight loss, please contact me through social media. It’s my passion to help, motivate and inspire people in life!



(HerSUPPZ Brand Ambassador March 2018-present)


Brenda Forsyth was born and raised in Iowa. She enjoys spending time with her husband and daughter when she is not working out.

Brenda found her passion for health and fitness in 2014. Being considered obese her entire life she learned how nutrition and staying active plays a huge roll in her life and ended up losing 158lbs.

Brenda claims she was very ”gym-timadated” to walk through the doors of a gym. So she started lifting in her basement and learning on her own using different workout websites and participating in 12 week challenges online.

Recently Brenda decided that she was not going to be intimidated any longer and finally joined a gym. “I don’t know what I was so intimidated by. It’s an AMAZING place! Fitness isn’t one size fits all.”

Brenda has a whole new outlook on life and wants to motivate and encourage other people in every aspect of their life and remind them that nothing is impossible.

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