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Growing up I dreamed of being a gymnast, never even giving cheerleading a thought. Learning how to tumble, leap, flip across the beam, and swing on the bars was all that I wanted to do. That all changed when the opportunity came to try out for the Junior High Cheerleading Squad.

I figured that I could give it a try for a year since most of my friends were trying out and figured I had the tumbling so …why not? Little did I know how much bows and a cheerleading uniform would have such a positive impact on my life.

Cheering while in college has been a big commitment. I was struggling between practices, workouts, homework, tests, a full class schedule, and attempting to have a social life all seemed impossible so I made the decision to hang up my cheerleading uniform and put on my “fan” cap.

This is my first official season of not cheering and it has shown me what cheerleading has done for me, and what I miss about it.

So I wanted to write a thank you letter …to cheerleading.

Dear Cheerleading,
Thank you for giving me “sisters”. Sisters that I got to cheer next to, learn from, depend on and trust.


Thank you for the countless Friday nights of getting spruced up, unwavering smile on, and cheering on the team, Our Team, to a victory.

Thank you for the confidence that you have given me, because being that shy girl that had to learn how to YELL and SHOUT was quite intimidating. You forced me to come out of my comfort zone and helped me in more ways that I could have ever imagined. I feel like I achieved my dreams of gymnastics through being a collegiate cheerleader.

Thank you for pushing me to my limits with all the routines we had to practice just “one more time” , the countless bruises, the painful sprains and the achy muscles that all seem like no big deal now.

Thank you for teaching me strength and how how to lift girls over my head while on one leg, and then add a 360 spin on the way up!


Thank you for teaching me how to take and give constructive criticism.

Thank you for forcing me to find a way to learn how to balance school, squad practice, a job, homework and studying for tests.

But, most of all thank you for all the memories.


I have made so many great memories along the way with people who mean the most to me.

Thank you for pushing me out of my comfort zone and never allowing me to settle for less than my best.


Reflecting back on my eight years of cheerleading I am humbled by my experience. There’s just something about those Friday Night Lights.

I always knew I’d retire that cheerleading uniform eventually, but going to my first football game as a fan made me realize how lucky I was to have been part of such an amazing sport.

It’s an amazing feeling being in a college stadium, looking into the crowd of thousands of people, while your school’s fight song is playing, sending chills down your arms.
Cheerleading has been part of my highs and my lows, but the experiences, lessons, and memories I have made those eight years are all worth it.

Many people say that cheerleading is not a sport and that it’s not that hard. I would question you 100% on that statement because I, along with all my other sisters have put in countless hours of training both physically and mentally just as any other athlete does. To us, cheering is everything.


For me, it taught me to be strong, confident, and passionate about something bigger than myself. I am the person I am today because of the impact those bows and uniform made on me.



Libby is currently attending nursing school and is a college athlete participating in the Cheerleading squad. After putting on her “freshman fifteen” Libby knew she was in need of a change. Like many women, she was scared of the free weight section of the gym but fought her fear and started incorporating lifting into her exercise regimen. In no time she could see and feel the results. Through lifting she has found more confidence than she ever knew she had and she now loves herself.


We are so happy to introduce Libby as one of our exclusive HerSUPPZ BRAND AMBASSADORS!





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