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By Desiree Hendrickson

When I set the goal of competing in a bodybuilding show my initial thoughts were only surrounded by the end result. I was confident I knew what I was getting myself into.  The idea of finding the right coach was not on my short list of things to add to this already overwhelming sport.

As it turned out, I had a lot more work and education to be informed about than I could imagine. A friend and myself began watching YouTube videos online and reading articles about other competitors in the sport and what their experiences entailed. Some disclosed their experience with a coach, and others chose to compete without that type of support.


I’m not writing this to tell you that you must have a coach. I’m writing this to say if you’re choosing to invest your time, money, and emotions into someone that will support you through one of the most difficult challenges in life… here’s how to choose one.


When you meet with your coach don’t be afraid to tell them what YOU want to do. If you want to compete in Figure- tell your coach you want to compete in Figure; If you want to compete in Bikini- tell your coach you want to compete in Bikini, etc.

Athletes new to this sport that have reached out to me often start the conversation with, “do you think I’ll be big enough” or “I’m not sure if I could do well in Figure, I’ll just do Bikini”. It truly breaks my heart to hear so much self-doubt and lack of confidence before even beginning the process.

The art of bodybuilding involves an enormous amount of growth physically and mentally, competitors should be excited to take on a challenge such as competing. Who cares if you look a little small in the Bodybuilding category, if you want 60 seconds of fame to go up there and do your jam.. then do it!

Don’t put your dreams to the side because a coach doesn’t believe you’ll earn 1st place on show day. This journey is about you, your dream, and all of the work you put into it.



When you begin working with your coach, it’s important to create a timeline for goals to the ultimate achievement. For instance, I have a goal to continue to drop 1.5 to 2lbs a week throughout my prep.  Something I’ve done in the past was schedule a photo shoot 1 to 2 weeks before my show date.   This helps me get excited again leading into the end of my prep.



The most important aspect in setting goals is the understanding of what motivates you. Once you understand what truly lights your fire, implement that strategy into your programming.  In some cases this could be having a ‘treat meal’ or going on a beach trip with your friends. Having a coach to keep you accountable for these milestones can be incredibly impactful to the end result.



Just about anyone can create an online business via Instagram or Facebook and offer training or nutritional services. In my opinion, if you are investing your time, money, and trust into someone, they should be able to prove to you their worth. Online coaching, personal training, nutritional programming, training programming, etc. can be an expensive purchase. However, if the right coach is chosen they should be able to help educate you on their knowledge and experiences that could become your greatest purchase, and ultimately priceless.  Be sure to refer to your coach’s credentials and ask them how they will be able to help you.



When you’re working so closely with a coach whether it be for lifestyle change or for specific training purposes, that coach should be able to adapt to your changes quicker than you. In hindsight, you should almost feel like they know your body better than yourself.

The best coach I’ve ever had becam a good friend of mine. I’ve been fortunate to work with someone who is incredibly caring about my bodybuilding progress, overall health, and general well-being.  For instance, during our weekly check-ins she’s just as interested to hear about what’s happening in my life as she is hearing about my  fitness progress.



My coach helps me stay grounded. All athletes go through imbalances and rough patches in life. She kept me on track by giving me the guidance and adjustments as needed. She helped me understand that what I’m doing in the bodybuilding world is really nothing different than anyone else’s weight loss journey. You must continue to work, stay committed, and the dividends will pay.

Since May 2016 I’ve been working with Kjersten Bakke with Bakke Athletics. The most important lesson I learned from Kjersten is the importance of balance in life. We all are human and make mistakes. We do our best to push forward when we don’t want to. If we pump the breaks when necessary, and try to enjoy life to the fullest it will always result in an abundance of happiness.

The impact Kjersten and her team have made on me is something I will never take for granted. If you’re interested in working with someone who will provide you an educational experience along with guidance and support consider reaching out to Kjersten and her team.   Don’t forget to mention this post in your inquiry!


Desiree Hendrickson

Desiree is from a small town in southwestern Wisconsin. She’s enjoys everything outdoors and strives to live a healthy lifestyle.

Desiree believes life is about balance between a personal and professional lifestyle and continues to challenge herself with new goals and athletic pursuits to keep her body and mind guessing.  She believes that success in all aspects of life is the ultimate goal and looks forward to helping and motivating her family, friends and followers to be the best version of themselves.

Desiree’s favorite products for post-workout, she has two favorites: Xtend and ABC CORE Nutritionals. Xtend brand blends very well and is a very fine kind of powder.She loves all the flavors! ABC CORE Nutritionals is an extensive blend with multiple aminos that will assist in more efficient recovery. My favorite flavor is the Blueberry!

Desiree loves Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy to spice up any drink and helps give her a boost of energy. The Amino Energy Café series as an excellent substitute for creamer in my coffee. She uses flavors such as Watermelon or Blueberry mixed in lemonade or iced tea.

For protein her all-time favorite is Fudge Brownie flavor of Dymatize ISO-100. She has also tried  cinnamon bun, cookies & crème and they’re delicious also!

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