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By Jane Sandwood

The United States is seeing an absolute surge of women in powerlifting, and for good reason. Strength training such as squats, deadlifts and bench pressing builds and works so many different muscles, ramps up metabolism and even protects against diabetes, osteoporosis and arthritis. Harvard researchers also found that in a study of 10,500, weight training was much more effective in preventing increases in abdominal fat when compared to standard cardio. For women looking to get into this powerful form of exercise and reap the benefits, here is everything you need to know about getting started with powerlifting.

Perfect your form first to avoid injuries later

Now that you know about the myriad of benefits associated with strength training in general, you may want to begin your powerlifting routine as soon as possible. While enthusiasm and excitement are always great, something you need to do early on in your new workout routine is perfect your form. This is especially crucial before you add any weights to your squats, deadlifts or bench press. Not only will this make powerlifting easier and more effective, it will help you avoid any strains, cramps or injuries later on. The Ideal Spine Health Center also warns about the dangerous repercussions improper form can have on your spine. Start your squats, deadlifts and bench presses with no weights added and pay close attention to your form to make sure your posture and movements are correct. Consult or book an appointment with your gym’s personal trainer if you need supervision and guidance the first few sessions.

Gradually increase weights to keep yourself challenged

Now that you’ve perfected your form and are feeling confident, it’s time to be challenged. Remember, the point of powerlifting is in the first half of the word – to gain power by increasing strength. By using the appropriate racks, plates and bars, you can steadily increase your weights on a weekly basis and keep yourself challenged. The key is to be able to lift the amount of weight you add for the entirety of your reps, but also feeling challenged throughout your workout. That is the recipe behind successful and effective powerlifting.

Fuel your body for better a better performance

Powerlifting may be a new form of exercise for you, and as it becomes part of your routine, you need to also make the necessary changes to your diet to help improve your performance in the gym. Depending on what your workout routine was before, you may need to increase the amount of calories you consume daily to keep up with your newfound regimen, and also place an emphasis on protein. Exercise and sport science professor Abbie Smith-Ryan emphasizes that ‘you also have to eat more since you will burn more with weight training.’ Luckily, there are many online tools to calculate your recommended caloric intake and you can easily find a protein supplement that is best for you.

The benefits of powerlifting are attracting more and more women to this incredible form of weight training. In order to reap the best results and make your workout as effective and safe as possible, practice good form until you get it right, gradually add weights to remain challenged and keep your body adequately fueled so it can keep up with your performance. By prioritizing these tips early on in your workout routine, you can easily avoid any setbacks in your regimen or potential injuries.


Jane Sandwood is a professional freelance writer and content manager with over 10 years’ experience across many fields. Jane has a particular interest in issues relating to fitness and nutrition.

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