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We all have those moments. It’s time for that early morning workout and the alarm has just sounded. You are sleepy and just not quite sure if you can ignore that little voice in your head telling you to press “snooze”. This workout blend is just the added kick you need!

Intra Workout Blend Recipe:
10 drops NOW Lemon
10 drops NOW Lavender
5 drops NOW Eucalyptus

What You Need:
1 Diffuser  *Find many great options at
Water; Fill to line


After working out apply this rub to your sore achy muscles to reduce inflammation.

Sore Muscle Rub Recipe:
1/4 cup NOW Coconut Oil
10 drops NOW Lemongrass

What You Need:
Small glass jar with lid

In a small glass jar melt 1/4 cup coconut oil. Once melted add the oil. Allow to harden naturally.

Have this rub handy in your gym bag to apply after working out or in those areas you know are prone to soreness.


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