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Elspeth Dana, NPC National Competitor (Bikini), Fitness Model

Do you want to get your shoulders and arms ready for tank top, crop top & bikini season? Are crop tops even in? You will want to bring em back after seeing the results from this awesome workout!

The results of Elspeth’s exclusive upper body workout will make waves on the beach or own those monkey bars at the playground with your kids!


Combine this workout with Elspeth Katherine’s YOUR BEST BUTT WORKOUT or YOUR BEST LOWER BODY WORKOUT and you will have an excellent all-over workout!


Upper Body Circuit

3 sets of each

  • 10 front raise
  • 10 lateral raise
  • 10 bent over raise
  • 15 bent over dumbbell row
  • 25 kettlebell swings


3 sets of each

  • 15 pulldowns
  • 15-20 straight arm press downs
  • 12-15 push-ups
  • 15 narrow grip cable rows
  • 15 cable upright rows


3 sets of each

  • 12-15 seated dumbbell Shoulder Press
  • 8-10 barbell front raise


Pick one, two, three or do all of these exercises for one epic upper body workout!

Don’t forget to reap the rewards after your workout!! You tore down the muscle now it’s time to rebuild them with Elspeth’s favorite muscle builder DYMATIZE ISO-100.



Elspeth Katherine Dana is a fitness professional who passionately believes that a healthy body is built on self love and living a balanced life.

Her mission is to spread this message as a trainer and group fitness instructor.

From her own personal experiences she realized that through the accomplishment of achieving strength and aesthetic goals, there was a deeper realization of how much fitness positively affected her life.

Through challenging workouts, healthy recipes, and a positive outlook she hopes to be apart of your fitness journey!


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