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Elspeth Katherine, NPC National Competitor (Bikini), Fitness Model

Often when I travel there is a fee to use the gym, I’m limited on equipment, or simply I’m crunched for time, but getting in at least some type of exercise is still important.





  • Resistance band ($10-$15 can be purchased anywhere from drugstores to sports shops)
  • Jump rope (optional- you can also mimic the motion without one)



Light jog, jumping jacks, jump rope, dance, any low impact movement, enough to get your heart rate up and blood flowing.

Get creative & have fun with it!



10 min Jump rope- alternate different jumping with double leg, single, high knees, side to side, front the back, crossing arms, etc. …have fun with it!



approximately  10-15 minutes and repeat 2 times with minimal rest between

15 reps each exercise with band

Bicep curl
Shoulder press
Bicep curl
Lateral raise

15 reps each without band

Full sit up
V-sit flutters



*Remember to focus on engaging your glutes!!

20 reps of each exercise

Plié Squat
Side Lunge (20 each leg)
Narrow pigeon toed squat
Reverse Lunge and kick (20 each leg)
Wide squat

*Stop here for a quick 20-25 minute travelers workout.


Have more time?
Here you go!!



Alternate 30 seconds of a high intensity movement such as; burpees, sprint in place, mountain climbers, high knees, knee tucks, etc.

Followed with 60 seconds of a recovery exercise using low impact such as; light jog in place, march in place, jumping jack, etc.

Repeat for a total of 10 minutes.


Strength Circuit:

Repeat same circuit above or switch out exercises- the options are endless, but here are a few to try!

Using bands:

squat press, lunge with bicep curl, seated row, pushup with band on back.

Upper body/ Ab options:

tricep dips, tricep push-ups, pull ups, plank variations, Russian twists.

Lower Body Options:

walking or stationary lunges, curtsy lunge, step ups.

Don’t forget to add your Dymatize ISO-100 and Dymatize BCAA’s to your suitcase to refuel & rebuild!!


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Elspeth Katherine is a fitness enthusiast.  She is a Team Dymatize Featured Athlete, ReebokONE, LeaseQ, & Fitmark bags Ambassador, an NPC Bikini Competitor, and Personal Trainer. She is constantly challenging herself to learn and do more.


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