Diet 101: Healthy Ways To Prep Your Body For Summer

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With summer close by, it’s time to start thinking of the ways you can prepare your body. By now, you should be familiar with the fact that summer bodies are built way before summer. This is the prime time to start working on your diet and obtain an actual, healthy, summer body you’ll be proud of. There’s no use in crash diets which only make you look the way you want until you start eating normally again. They just starve your body of nutrients without giving real results. So let’s stick with the real and effective ways to reach your fitness goals.

Keep a diary

It may be easier to stick to a plan if you write down everything you eat. After all, this way you’ll get the feedback needed for your progress. You’ll know exactly what you’ve been eating, meaning you’ll be able to tell where you were going wrong and why you aren’t losing weight.

Your diary should also help you stick to scheduled mealtimes. When you eat at around the same time every day, you get your digestive system used to a certain routine, allowing it to function better.

Eat seasonally and locally

We all know that fruits and veggies are essential for a healthy diet, but there isn’t much point if you choose things out of season and location. Exotic fruits may be delicious, for example, but if they’re not local to where you live and aren’t in season, it’s likely they’re fused with chemicals just to keep them fresh and appealing. This means you’ll be ingesting unhealthy and even harmful chemicals instead of the vitamins you were aiming for.

To counter this issue, support local markets and only choose seasonal fruits and veggies. They’re much richer in the things you actually need, while also tasting better because of it.

Change the way you eat

Even though you may think eating three large meals a day is enough, it may not be doing you any favors. If you skip meals and think you’ll just make it up later, or plan on losing calories this way, you’re doing yourself more harm than good. The truth is, you’ll just be hungrier later and opt for cheap but filling options instead of the healthy foods on your dietary plan.

The trick is to eat multiple small meals throughout the day. By eating five meals, you’re keeping your digestive system constantly running, while also ingesting the optimal amounts of nutrients and calories. In turn, you’ve got yourself a healthier metabolism and no weight gain. Make sure to have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, but also two snacks in-between. Ideally, you should eat every two hours.

Summer is so Busy

It’s easy to give up on your dream summer body when you realize how much work it takes. After all, you have a lot of work to do, who has time to prepare meals every day? Then you start questioning if a summer body is even really worth the trouble, thus failing to reach your goal yet again. To escape this vicious cycle, you’ll need to be crafty and creative. One of the best ways to keep eating healthy while you’re extremely busy is to turn to a professional.

There are many companies today that offer a healthy weight loss meal plan as part of their services. This means that they’ll be preparing fresh and healthy meals for you, daily, and they’ll deliver them to you. You’ll have no choice but to eat according to plan, thus effectively losing weight and staying on track with your summer plans.

Drink more water

Most of the time we’re dehydrated and we don’t even notice it. Drinking more water is essential for your diet as it keeps your body functioning optimally. What’s more, it can fill up your tummy a little before your meals, making it easier to do portion control. Hydration is also important as it will help you sweat more while exercising, thus getting rid of the toxins and keeping you healthy.

If water is just too bland for you and you can’t make yourself drink it even though you know you should, perhaps it’s time to spice it up a little. You can fill a bottle with water and add some lemon and mint to it. This makes for a refreshing drink and has the power to give you a little energy kick.

Adjust when needed

It’s not true that it’s impossible to get your dream body with these diet tips. It just takes more time as your body will need to adjust to these healthy changes. You can aid the process by incorporating exercise into your routine. With a properly nourished body, you’ll be able to tone it in no time. In the end, you might be ready for summer, but the question is- is it ready for you?

Helen Bradford is a journalism student who always seeks new ideas to write about. She enjoys blogging about beauty, health and style trends for women. When she’s not writing, she spends her spare time being active through fitness and traveling.

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