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By Angie O’Brien

Coconut oil saved my FAMILY!!  Well… not really but…it sure saved my favorite table and my daughter, Allison!  *insert winkie emoji*

Most all mommies have discovered random art work made by our little ones as they explore the boundaries of crayons and markers. A stern reminder to the little ones about proper crayon use occurs and a mutual cleanup routine helps to ensure the “accident” never happens again.

But what do you do if an “accident” occurs with your favorite wooden end table set and a permanent marker! Oh, and by the way a 5 year old is the suspected culprit!

I was pleasantly watering the plants when I discovered my daughter’s latest alphabet practice completed on the lower portion of an end table with permanent marker. My pleasant demeanor quickly turned to panic. “I have got to get that off of there… but how?!”

I had heard stories from a friend indicating that she had used NOW Coconut Oil to erase marker, paint, and gum from surfaces. So I thought what the heck… let’s try it. * insert skeptical emoji*

Alli original cropped
I am always a bit skeptical when it comes to anything that proclaims “101 uses for fill in the blank“. Most of the time, they just seem so outrageous. In fact I had only ever used coconut oil for cooking so I was really skeptical when it came to removing marker with it. I grabbed the container and a scrubber rag (one side soft, other side soft scrubber) and ventured to the living room. I simply scooped a bit out with my fingers and patted it on the top of the “artwork”. I used the rag and worked in a circular pattern around markings until the oil was completely dissolved.


The first “treatment” showed no signs of removal, but I thought I should try it again. After two treatments there was a noticeable difference.

Alli Faded
This is the moment, my little artist appeared. She saw what I was working at cleaning up and had that look of horror on her face. She had been discovered! And I knew by the look on her face she knew it was wrong and was hoping it would never be found. I asked her who had used permanent maker and drew on mommy’s table. To which she raised both her arms slightly and with a surprised face said “I have no idea” and walked away. REALLY ?! >>>> The letters were Allll and her name is ALLI. REALLY?!?!?!?!

As I held back a little bit of anger, a little more disappointment, and a whole lot of laughter, I continued to scrub. I did 4 treatments and it took me about 15 minutes total and the markings were completely GONE!

Markings gone

I learned two things during this process. 1. Coconut Oil is super amazing stuff and EVERYONE should have some on hand. GO get some NOW2. Sometimes a stern “mom look” can create such fear in your child that words are not necessary.

Fingers crossed the “look” solved any future artist flare ups to occur in my little one. Good Luck to all of you out there trying to “SAVE” your family as well! – Angie




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