10 Intense Workouts for Small Spaces

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When you think of working out what necessities come to mind? Do you think of a lot of equipment? How about where? Deciding on a place to workout doesn’t have to be extensive or expensive. You get fit and burn calories with these 10 intense workouts for small areas. ***Bonus: very little equipment required for these workouts too! Cardio Workouts …


10 Stretches to Stay Flexible and Fit at Any Age

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Stretching is just as important as any cardio or strength training exercise and doing any or all of these stretches every day can be life-changing. Allocating some time every day to stretch during or after your workout will greatly improve your flexibility, reduce body tightness and make your workouts easier and more enjoyable the next time. Stretching as you age …



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While it is still way underrated, yoga has a long list of physical and mental health benefits. It is a wonder people do not practice more often. But my hopes are to change this and inspire more people to perform this routine. Although I am a cardio-nerd and weightlifter at heart, I am too a yogi and proud of it. …



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WORKOUT WITH YOUTUBE By Faith Ellis There are so many workout channels to subscribe to on YouTube! And we know our FitGirls out there would love to subscribe to every single one, but all you need are a few really great ones. We have helped you narrow down that list to help you get started. Here are 5 of the …