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It’s no surprise that busy Moms are great multi-taskers. Moms everywhere are always on-the-go dropping off, picking up, always putting her family first. But it is so important to take some time to for herself!

Whether you’re a new mom trying to get your pre-baby bod back or a seasoned veteran balancing busy schedules of middle schoolers or high schoolers staying fit is hard. It requires time we don’t have and discipline that is usually spent elsewhere.

It’s so important, especially for busy Moms.

With so many demands, it’s crucial that we take care of ourselves and make our health and fitness a priority.

When you feel good, happy and balanced everything else falls into place. As a competitive athlete, I’ve learned to balance a demanding career, a wild toddler and other mom duties as assigned. I’m not perfect by any means, but I’ve learned a few things along the way to make it easier.


Busy Moms Start with nutrition

If you have time for absolutely nothing else, make sure your nutrition is at least 80% on point. Keep your fridge stocked with some solid mom-snacks that won’t tempt you to grab a handful of Goldfish or eat a PopTart in desperation. Fruits, veggies, and nuts are my go-tos. Spend an hour on Sunday roasting some veggies and prepping some chicken to eat all week. Ideally, you’ll want to have it portioned out to take for lunch or ready-to-go for dinner. But we get it, you’re busy. Having fresh options on hand is the bare minimum.

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Make protein your priority

To get your best body composition, it’s super important to get at least 0.75g to 1g of protein per pound of body weight each day. So if you weigh 120 lbs, you should get a minimum of 90g of protein daily. Anywhere between 120g and 150g of protein is a great goal for a woman this size. If you’re having trouble hitting your protein, shakes and bars are a great way to supplement. These are also really helpful if you’re crunched for time.

Busy Moms workout with kids 

So you’ve mastered meal prep and you’re eating pretty clean, huh? That’s the easy part. For a busy mom managing your family’s schedule, fitting in one more thing can seem impossible. But it’s not. You only need one hour a day to devote to working out. Whether it’s at 4:30am sipping your coffee on the elliptical or a post-bedtime lifting session in your garage, you can make time.


Busy Moms Find a gym with childcare

I love to train with my husband, so we’ve always found great gyms that offer childcare. Spending time focused on crushing your goals and getting stronger feels fantastic. It is amazing how much you can accomplish when you’re distraction-free. Bonus: some gyms offer classes for kids so your little ones can learn to love it, too.

busy moms

Establish a routine

Consistency is so so so so important to see results in the gym. Try to go at the same time every day if possible. Build it into your schedule, block the time on your calendar and put in on your to-do list. Whatever it takes to make it part of your routine. It will get easier! If you’re riding front seat on the struggle bus, look at your week and see if there’s anything you can eliminate or condense to free up more time.

Think outside the box

If you’re having trouble making it to the gym (or finding one with childcare), don’t limit yourself to those four walls. Take your workout outside and get active with your kids. Head to the park for a pull-up contest on the monkey bars or the local high school track for some stadium stair runs. With older kids, you can can go for a family hike or play a pick-up game in the back yard – anything that gets you moving and sweating.

busy moms

With newborns, it’s a little more difficult but you can still take them out for a walk or do some plyometrics in the living room while rocking that bouncy seat.  Check out The 5 Best Workout Channels on YouTube for just about every workout you can think of in any time amount you need.  

Take care of yourself, Mom 

Self-care is sometimes the last thing on our never-ending to-do list. But without it, everything gets out of whack. Take time to recharge physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. Get a babysitter and go have coffee with a friend or allow yourself to sleep in. It’s all about balance.

When you’re juggling lots of things, rest is sometimes the best way to keep rocking it. It seems counter intuitive, but you will feel more refreshed after a solid night’s sleep and you’ll accomplish more that you ever could running on 3-hours of sleep and coffee.

Our kids learn from us how to live. If we are always running late, exhausted and burnt out, that’s not the best example. Being a fit mom is more than just taking care of yourself. It’s about creating healthy habits and teaching your kids how to work hard, have self-discipline and accomplish their goals.

About the author

Felicia Williams is a fiery fit mom and elite nationally-qualified USAPL powerlifter from Nashville.  As a busy working mom, she balances the demands of work and parenting a toddler while perusing her fitness goals.

Felicia started strength training in 2012 and after having a baby in 2014, she’s lost over 15lbs and gotten over 200lbs stronger. Now she is a national level powerlifter in the 52kg weight class.

As a 4’10” 114lb woman, she wants to show that strong women come in all shapes and sizes. In her transformation from average gym-goer to competitive athlete, she loves to share what she’s learned about strength training, nutrition and work-life balance with other women trying to be the best version of themselves.

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busy moms

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