Build a Butt Routine

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IFBB Bikini Pro Stephanie Mahoe’s BUILD A BUTT ROUTINE

Her Suppz Featured Workout and Prime Nutrition team up to bring you an informative product and training video featuring IFBB Bikini Pro Stephanie Mahoe. She will share with you her training supplementation followed by her informative, build a butt routine that will sculpt your glutes and hammies like no other!

Her Suppz recommends that the new standard is to vary your reps and adjust the weight accordingly. If your last rep isn’t “that hard” you need to increase your weight or your number of reps to build muscle. Typically, start out with 3 sets of 8 to 12 reps and adjust the weight to reach failure by the end of the last one or two reps.


Cable Pull Throughs:

  • Cable Pull ThroughPlace cable on a low setting near the floor
  • Stand with feet a little wider than shoulder distance
  • With back facing weight stack and feet a little wider than shoulder distance grab the handle and pull through while straightening your legs and reach cable straight out in front of you.
  • Be sure to keep your back straight when bending knees to squat position and do not let your knees go over your ankles.

Superset with Cable kick Backs: (not shown in video, but mentioned)

  • Facing one side of cable cross machine, place one foot in foot strap
  • Hinge slightly at waist making sure to not arch back hold on to the machine for balance
  • Keeping leg straight kick back pressing your heel to the back
  • Repeat for opposite leg

Standing Isolated Hamstring Curl on Cable Cross:

  • Standing Isolated Hamstring Curl on Cable CrossFacing one side of cable cross machine, place one leg in ankle strap
  • With a bent knee lift foot reaching heel towards glutes
  • Pause at the top and really squeeze and slowly release back down
  • Repeat for opposite leg

Reverse Hack Squat:

  • Reverse Hack SquatStand facing chair pad, place shoulders under shoulder pads and place hands on back support.
  • Place feet shoulder length apart on platform
  • Squat pushing the shoulder pads up as you would normally on the hack squat

Lying Leg Curl Machine:

  • Lying Leg CurlLaying down on the bench grab the handles for stabilization
  • Place both legs under the bar so that it hits just below your calves comfortably
  • Raise and lower the bar focusing on your hamstrings
  • (2 warm-up sets followed by 2 working sets)


Hip Thrust with Band:

  • Hip Thrust with BandsPlace a band just above the knee
  • Holding on to a stable piece of equipment & squat down making sure knees do not go over ankles and feet are placed in line with shoulders
  • Keeping foot placement push out knee towards side squeezing with one leg
  • Repeat for opposite leg

Superset with Hip Thrust with Bar:

  • Hip Thrust with BarLie down on a flat bench on it so your upper back is comfortably supported
  • Slide under the bar comfortably placing it across your hips
  • Holding on to the bar to keep it even slowly raise and lower your hips squeezing at the top


  • Dead LiftStanding with feet shoulder with apart using either the double overhand grip or mix grip
  • Keeping your back straight, bend knees slightly as you lift and lower bar
  • Focus on using your hamstring, quads and glutes as you thrust the bar up

Sumo Deadlifts:

  • Stand with feet wider than shoulder with toes pointing out comfortably
  • Using either the double overhand grip or mix grip
  • Keeping your back straight bend knees slightly as you lift and lower bar

Single Leg Glute Press:

  • Place one leg on platform and press being careful to not hyper-extend your knee
  • Repeat with opposite leg
  • Can also use both legs simultaneously

Donkey KickDonkey Kick on Machine:

  • Be sure knee on platform is aligned with hip
  • Doing one leg at a time press back
  • Repeat with opposite leg

Glute Press on Cable Cross:

  • Same as Cable Kick Backs but instead of kicking your foot behind you, kick at an angle

Standing Single Leg Deadlift:

  • Using a dumbbell stand on one foot using a stable piece of equipment to keep balance
  • Lift and lower with one leg behind you Remember to keep back straight while lowering and keep your core tight to keep pressure off your lower back
  • Repeat with opposite leg


  • CurtsyWhile lowering into a squat bring one leg back behind you towards the opposite wall
  • Bring your leg back to original position as you raise up out through the squat

Forward Lunge:

  • Stepping forward with one leg far enough ahead of you so that your knee does not go over your ankle
  • Step back and repeat with opposite leg


Ball RaisesBall Raises:

  • Laying on a flat bench up to hips with legs hanging off the end comfortably
  • Place ball between feet and raise and lower legs focusing on muscles being used

Superset with Hip Thrusts on Leg Extension Machine:

  • Leaning comfortably on the bottom part of the seat place hips under leg bar
  • Lift and lower the bar using glutes
  • Start with both feet on floor
  • Cross one foot over and rest on opposite knee
  • Repeat with opposite leg

Don’t forget to stretch!! It increases blood flow and nutrients to the muscles you just worked which means you will reduce muscle soreness!! It will improve your flexibility and potentially decrease injury plus it just feels really good!