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By Brenda Forsyth

Growing up I was always a heavy kid, and as I hit my teenage years I managed to gain even more. Everyone would always tell me “oh you are just big boned” or “you are so pretty and wear it well”. 

Inside I was like, yeah right.   I didn’t show it, but it really bothered me.  Thank God I was never picked on or teased about it.



I moved  away from my home in Iowa to Mesa Arizona in 1996. This is when I started packing on the pounds even more. Life hit me. The responsibilities of adulthood, no real friends or family around, a terrible relationship of 11 years and motherhood.




My beautiful daughter was born, and I was huge. We found out she had two strokes in utero. I knew right then I needed to better my health for the unknown journey ahead of me. I needed to be a healthy mom.  So I focused on the bad things in my life but only to get rid of them. My daughter and I  moved back home to Iowa to be with family, and I quit smoking cold turkey.   I also ended a very stressful and abusive relationship with my now ex-husband.   



Weighing over 300 pounds wearing a plus size 26 and a BMI of 46.2 was not healthy and I knew it could cause so many health risks.   I was so scared before surgery not knowing what would happen but I needed to do it, I decided to have the Roux-En-Y Gastric Bypass surgery for weight loss.



It wasn’t easy. People think that it is an easy way out but it really isn’t. It’s a lifelong process. It’s a helping tool and I still have the mental aspect to deal with. Hearing the voice in my head telling me to “eat all of the food because it tastes good”. I now have to listen to my new smaller size stomach. If I don’t, I know I will get sick, have lots of pressure and vomit or dump. It’s not a good feeling but I know my limits now. It’s a battle I sometimes fight.



Knowing now how food can control you I eventually found the strength to fight and win the mental battle.  Learning and choosing the foods that benefit me over  the foods that are bad for me is key.  I have a new outlook on nutrition, I gained a new life, a healthier life and i want to preach it.  Sharing better ways of eating, knowing what supplements and protein will benefit other’s health is motivating to me.




I still have cravings for the bad foods that taste so good but I don’t want to go back to 313 lbs.  There was always a skinny girl screaming to get out of an obese body and here I am!  This transformation was eleven years in the making and I am holding steady with 153 lbs gone for good. I’m now in a healthy size 6-8 and and weigh 160 lbs with no regain.  I am living and loving life with my new husband and my 15 year old daughter.  We are all healthy, happy and doing great.  Life is Good!


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