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HerSUPPZ featured workout presents…

Jen Jewell, Pro Fitness Competitor, Celebrity Trainer & Cover Model

Believe it or not, bikini season right around the corner, it’s total body tune-up time!

Try out the workout below and don’t worry we have Bikini Body Blitz Day Two ready when you are!!

Get ready to rock your swimsuits and newly sculpted abs! Results are just a few workouts away!

Jen designed this workout to be fun, efficient and to really challenge you!

Through a combination of cardio bursts and strength training moves, your heart rate should remain elevated throughout the duration of this workout, allowing you to maximize the calories burned in each session.

By performing the exercises back to back with little to no rest between exercises in each set of the circuit, you’ll be increasing your strength, endurance, and sculpting that tight, lean muscle all in one!

For these totally body circuits, all you’ll need are a few sets of dumbbells, a jump rope, an exercise ball or flat bench and a bit of an open space in your living room, garage or home gym.

For workouts like this, Jen personally prefers to include them every other day, allowing herself a day off from weights before the next strength training session. You can do cardio on the other days, as well as on the same day as you perform these workouts.


Start with a warm-up:

20 Jumping jacks

10 Bodyweight squats

20 Jumping jacks

For both Circuit One and Circuit Two perform one set of each exercise, back to back with limited rest for one full set of the circuit. Rest briefly (only 1 to 2 minutes) between sets.   (aka Superset)


Circuit One

Jump Rope (30 seconds)

Step ups (15 reps each leg)

Bent over dumbbell rows (15 reps)

Jump rope (30 seconds)

Squats with shoulder press (squat and as you raise up from the squat perform shoulder press) (15 reps)

Reverse crunches (25 reps)


Repeat Circuit 4 times. Then go to Circuit Two…


Circuit Two

Wide leg jump squats (15 reps)

Walking lunges (30 seconds)

Knee tuck on ball (25 reps)

Push ups (15)

Jump rope (30 seconds)

Bicep curls (15 reps)

Plank up/downs (30 seconds)


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Known worldwide Jen Jewell is a fitness expert, personal trainer, health & fitness writer. She creates programs to help everyone have fun with fitness & earn the results they deserve!


Check out her website here!


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