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By Michael Morelli

As teenagers, there are a lot of benefits that you can get from regular exercise. Not only does it help you stay physically healthy, it also makes you feel more comfortable about yourself. If you are serious about integrating some exercises in your daily activities, you need to consider the effectiveness of the routine that you will engage yourself into. For the best workouts for teens like you who want to stay healthy and smart, here is a list that you can check:


The effectiveness of biking when it comes to workouts for teens and strengthening their muscles is surely incomparable to other exercises. You can consider an hour of biking before you start lifting or doing other heavy workout routines. You have the freedom to choose from outdoor or indoor biking. If you think the surroundings can be a great motivation for you, then you must choose the former. But for those who are more comfortable with a workout done in the comfort of their home, indoor biking is also a great choice.


Lateral leg raises

You can do this exercise even when you are busy doing your homework. If you already feel tired of reading and writing, you can stop and move your chair away from the table. Sit straight and start raising your leg in a lateral position. Hold it for few seconds and put it down slowly. You can do this for 16 times on both legs. This can help you exercise your leg muscles. This is a perfect exercise for teenagers who usually spend their time in front of the computer.


This is a perfect workout for teens to strengthen legs. And you can do this even in a limited space inside your home. One leg must be in front and the other should be positioned behind with toes facing forward. Make sure that there is enough space between your legs. Stand straight, chest up and back straight. Now bend your knees until your leg behind reaches a 45 degree angle. Suspend and slowly lift up after few seconds. Do this several times and you will see how it can positively affect the strength of your legs.



This is one of the most common exercises and you will certainly get the best benefits from it. If you are worried and feeling stressed about the flab in your stomach, you can consider this to become a part of your daily exercise. Just choose a spacious area where you can comfortable be in a planking position. Let your toes rest as you position your arms in a way that it will be able to carry the weight of your body. Push your weight to the floor and slowly go back to your original position. You can start with sixteen (16) counts of this every day.



Dancing Zumba

Zumba is a combination of exercises and dance. It is something that can be beneficial in losing weight and in cutting off excess fats in the belly area. Aside from that, it is also perfect in increasing the flexibility of your bones. One of the advantages of Zumba is that it can be done at home or with a group of people at the gym. There are Zumba lessons available on YouTube and could consider this if you are uncomfortable exercising in a big group.

High-intensity aerobics

If your problem is connected with obesity and excessive weight, you could go for an exercise that will help you lose fat. High-intensity aerobics is a perfect workout for teens because it helps you sweat in just a few minutes. It is a combination of different exercises that aims to cut the fats.  Find out more about the new TF HIIT workout here.

Jumping jacks

If you are not comfortable with the other exercises that are presented above, there is a very simple one that you can do regularly. Just stand straight and make sure that there is a gap between your two legs. Now, jump and raise your hand in a way that you can make your palms meet above your head. Do this continuously for three minutes. Start from there and add more minutes whenever you feel like your body has already adjusted to the usual counting.

As a teenager, there are a lot of temptations around you. If you are not going to eat the right food, you will certainly find yourself gaining more weight. Eat the right food and always add the best protein powder in your food before you workout.


Michael Morelli is always involved in fitness who loves to write about health & fitness. He believes in hard work and has completed 5 fitness certifications. In his articles, he always mentions the benefits of protein for your workout & how healthy diet plans are beneficial







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